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Girl watching on laptop

Sometimes all you really need after a long day is to sit down with a cup of tea and have a tv series marathon, while all your stresses are temporarily relieved. Now, it’s not to say that cruising through all 6 seasons of your favourite series in one evening is always the answer. But sometimes this is exactly what a person needs to shut off from the world for a little bit! With all the chaos and drama of real life, it’s not a bad thing to get lost in the pretend on-screen dramas that so quickly take us to another world. With that being said, here are three shows that I have been watching in the past few months. They have each made me feel some sort of way and I wanted to share them with you!

Girl watching on laptop
Girl watching on laptop


If ever there was a show that was 100% made for me, it would be this one. Three girls working at a fashion magazine, living in New York City and dealing with the modern challenges facing millennial’s. From the moment I started season 1 I was hooked. The whole feel of the show is so heart warming and happy. I’ve always had a very vivid idea of what a dream job working for a fashion magazine in New York would be like, and The Bold Type ticks off all the boxes: glossy offices, gorgeous fashion, gossip in the fashion closet, amazing events and the best kind of friendships. I guess though the operative word here is dream, because I know not everything would be this picture perfect in reality! But if you loved The Devil Wears Prada as much as I did (and still do), then you will absolutely connect with this show on another level. As someone who stays away from watching anything that I know has the potential to upset me – I’m a pretty sensitive person – I appreciate things that are extremely feel good, regardless of how unrealistic. When I watch a series, I want to escape the real world and this show certainly allows me to do that!

Girl watching on laptop
Girl watching on laptop


Again, feel good, simple watching and easy enjoyment is a huge part of the series Younger. It’s not as relatable as The Bold Type, seeing as the main character is a 41 year old woman. However, she works in publishing (definite common interest there) and she’s pretending to be a 26 year old. Also, it has Hilary Duff in it and I haven’t seen her in anything for so long! The show is all about friendship that has no barriers, following your dreams despite of obstacles, and just living life to the full in every aspect. It’s extremely cute, and Liza (the main character) is so endearing! Her innocence is highlighted through her complete lack of millennial-related knowledge, but she always finds a way. I would recommend this series to everyone, it’s just that good!


Does this global sensation even need an introduction? I had to include it because really, I’m always binge watching Friends! These six characters, all portraying real life characters with real life problems, are my forever go-to when I need something familiar, cozy and almost home-like, to lift my mood. And honestly, it always succeeds. I’m keeping this one short and simple because you must know Friends. PLEASE tell me you know Friends. (If not, please email me and I will be happy to give you the full breakdown, with quotes, references and favourite episodes – but let’s not allow it to get to that point)

Girl watching on laptop

What are your current tv binges?


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