Ups And Downs And A Few Ways I Deal With Them

With work constantly on my mind alongside all the goals I have for my blog, the things I need to do before heading home to South Africa in December, the frequent pangs of loneliness, and the stress of lockdown itself, you could say the ups and downs of the weeks are intense! Quoting one of my favourite Coldplay songs, “nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard”, life in 2020 has been exactly that. But as much as it seems like it, I’m not sharing this post to complain. Rather, in an effort to help at least one person experiencing anything similar, I thought I’d share how I’ve been dealing (read: trying my absolute best to deal) with the ups and downs presented daily.

Couple in elevator

Sharing Your Worries With Someone Close To You

My boyfriend, Pedro, and I moved into our first apartment together when we came to London this year and honestly, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through without his support and positive energy.

I think everyone can relate to the anxiety-inducing year that 2020 has been. Sometimes I don’t really want to talk about things that are getting me down, but most of the time when do I feel a lot better. Pedro is also usually at the other end of these conversations, patiently offering advice and just an open ear, which I so appreciate.

Having someone that you can confide in is a real blessing. Whether it’s a partner, a family member, a friend, or anyone in between, chatting aloud is so therapeutic.

I work a full-time job and at the end of my workday, I start on my part-time job (thankfully both are from home). But juggling the two of them is a tiring, stressful feat that causes a few pressure-based cries throughout the week. Having people to talk to, to bring me down to earth and remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and the importance of switching off, is something I am forever grateful for.


Taking The Time To Enjoy Life And Where You Are

The eve before the second lockdown kicked in, a few of us went to a bar in Clapham called Girlfriend Bar. I’d wanted to go here for aaaages and finally, we did it before we wouldn’t be allowed again for a while!

Taking the time to do things that you enjoy or experience new things is a definite way to counteract those bad days. Obviously, it depends on the lockdown rules of wherever you are. Though, thinking of ways to experience new things in a COVID-ruled world is still possible and can be really memorable too. Things like creating a movie theatre in your house or having a spa day in your bathroom are simple adventures that are at the tip of your fingers!

We haven’t had any adventures out since though because of the lockdown, but the visit to Girlfriend Clapham was a huge mood booster and a really special memory that makes me smile on the down days. (The decor makes me smile too – I loved it!)

These are the kind of things that help me deal with the current anxiety hanging in the air and knowing that we will have these days again.

Girlfriend Bar Clapham Girlfriend Bar Clapham Girlfriend Bar Clapham Girlfriend Bar Clapham

Putting On An Outfit That Makes You Smile

For me, fashion is something that really makes me excited. I’ve started experimenting with trends more this year and it’s been a huge part of keeping me positive and upbeat. That may sound silly seeing as it’s only clothes, but this year I’ve realised that no matter how small or insignificant something seems, if it brings you any joy, embrace it.

Basically, these days I dress up for the grocery runs and even sometimes just our casual daily walk. And you know what? I freaking love it!

I bought these jeans from H&M a while ago as I really wanted to try the whole baggy, mom-jean style. Honestly, I love that this is trending and I hope it’s here to stay. The jeans are such a comfortable style and they’re easy to dress up or keep casual, so I get the best of both worlds and that also makes me happy.

Girl on sidewalk

Making Time For A Daily Walk

Speaking of daily walks, something that I look forward to every day is a walk to the park at lunchtime and then again after work. Getting some fresh air and exercise is so important, especially now. Plus, seeing as we can’t do anything other than the essential shopping or bit of outdoor exercise, getting outside for a change of scenery is extremely refreshing. Few ups and downs can’t be sorted with a good walk.

I’ve been loving our lunchtime walks in particular because the leaves have all turned shades of beautiful oranges, browns, and yellows. It brings a truly autumnal feeling (duh, because it’s autumn) but you know what I mean. It’s just picture-perfect and I love it. One thing I’ve found in London is that the leaves are huuuge! I walk past some on the ground and they’re bigger than my head! I laugh, but it’s really cool.

Autumn walk Autumn walk

Throwing On Some Colourful Makeup

If you’re anything like me, a playdate with your makeup drawer is a big help when you’re feeling like shit. Some days I put on makeup just to feel good and feel like I have a somewhat “normal” morning routine again.

When I really feel like experimenting and having fun though, I’ll pull out the colours and winged liner and just get lost in a world of magic. It’s so therapeutic for me – kind of like someone who loves to paint or bake. The process is calming and brings me happiness. It also helps that using colour is an obvious mood-booster because who doesn’t feel happier with a bright pink eyeshadow or a red hot lipstick?

Colourful makeup Couple in elevator

So, that’s really how I make myself feel better when the ups and downs become too frequent. I’m extremely thankful for the loved ones who support me, the makeshift adventures we experience during times like this, the hobbies that take my mind off real-life for a while, and of course, my blog where I can share all about it.

How do you deal with things when they get heavy?


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