The Healthy Foundation You Need: Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula

I have been using Physicians Formula’s The Healthy Foundation for a while now and I wanted to share my thoughts. A little disclaimer: it’s quickly become my favourite drugstore foundation. Yes, it’s that good! It’s been the longest time since my last post! Life has been hectic though and so has varsity – but it’s slowly winding down. And honestly, I’ve missed this!

Physicians Formula foundation

The Finish

It’s obviously called The Healthy Foundation for a reason. Firstly, it gives a beautiful, healthy glow to the skin. As someone who suffers from dry, dull skin often, this is a finish I absolutely love. Not to mention it makes the skin look really natural but in the best way possible. It’s like a ‘your-skin-but-better’ situation.

I love how it quickly evens out my skin tone, it calms down the darkness around my eyes, and it leaves no trace of cakiness.

Foundation Coverage

The Packaging

The applicator is a doe-foot applicator, which I really enjoy. I’ve never used a foundation with this type of applicator, but it makes the process quick and simple. And you can really scoop out a lot of product with it too. The bottle’s packaging is pretty luxurious for a drugstore foundation as well. It’s a glass bottle, so it’s quite weighty. Though that makes it feel expensive, which is great because it’s actually only around R250 if I remember correctly. The combination of the glass bottle and the silver top are really beautiful. I truly feel like I’m using a high-end foundation with this one. The only con about the weight is that it might be difficult to travel with. However, you could definitely decant some into a smaller bottle or container if you wish. Other than that, I love the look and feel!

The Formula

The actual formula of the foundation has an SPF of 20. This is always nice to have in foundations, though it’s not something that’s a big must-have for me. I always apply a separate SPF before foundation anyway. Though if you’re someone who’s prone to forgetting sunscreen, it’s probably a useful touch! It also contains Hyaluronic Acid. If you know me then you’ll know this is one of my favourite ingredients. It helps with hydration by taking in moisture from the air and locking it into your skin. There are also vitamins A, C, and E inside. You can understand where the name comes from now!

The Healthy Foundation

The Coverage

Its name is evident of a second-skin effect, and so you can understand that it’s certainly not going to give you the most full-coverage finish. In saying that, The Healthy Foundation is a very buildable product and with two or more layers you can easily increase the coverage to suit your preference. It still remains beautiful and glowy regardless of how many layers (I usually apply two layers) and it keeps your skin looking like skin, but with a more airbrushed effect. Because of its hydration factor, I usually wait a couple of minutes between layers to get the most effective coverage.

Foundation Coverage

My first impression of this foundation was truly a good one, and from there I have just grown to love it more every day. It’s been called a dupe for some high-end foundations too, so you can imagine that the quality is extremely good! Whether I want a quick, everyday look, or a more full-coverage, glamorous makeup, this foundation is able to do it all.

Let me know below if you’ve used it and what your thoughts are!


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