Styling the Culottes

Girl on beach wearing culottes

Culottes: You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen them, maybe you’ve worn them, but do you know how great it is to own a pair? The easiest throw on item that can be worn in all seasons has finally made an appearance in my own wardrobe, and I’ve really been loving them! The way they casually fall over the leg or the ease with which they can be dressed up is evidence that these pants are versatile enough to fit all occasions. That’s what we like over here!

Girl on beach wearing culottes

As a shorty, I’ve always ignored the idea of wearing culottes. They’re a strange length if you’re not used to them, coming to just above the ankle. And if you’re limited in the height department like me, you’ll understand my fear of wearing flowy pants that are this length. There is unfortunately always a chance that they could make you look stumpy. However, in fear of this, I had never tried a pair on and that’s very much what had shaped this idea inside my head. Believe it or not, the first pair I tried (the ones in this post) I loved instantly. I guess it goes to show that trying something before you make assumptions about it is important. Look at fashion teaching us valuable life lessons! 😉

Girl on beach wearing culottes

In these pictures I paired the culottes with a simple gray long sleeve and my favourite straw hat. And don’t forget the bare feet – this soft sand felt so nice to walk on! This outfit is a good example of something super casual, which you could wear with Converse, or some ankle boots if it’s chilly. If you needed to dress them up quickly, you could add a pair of heels and a blazer. The culottes are immediately taken from laid-back attire to dazzling evening wear!

Girl on beach wearing culottes

Recently, I’ve found myself drawn to pieces that I would usually be too afraid to wear. I know that culottes for most people are probably the least daring thing in their wardrobes, but it was a step out of my comfort zone. Though it’s been a good step! I’m becoming more interested in statement pieces, bolder patterns and styles. The culottes is only the beginning! I’m making this sound as if I’m getting a huge wardrobe makeover. No – I wish! But slowly I will start collecting the statement pieces of dreams, and I know for sure that these trusty culottes will be a permanent statement of mine.

Girl on beach wearing culottes
Girl on beach wearing culottes
Girl on beach wearing culottes

Have you boarded the culottes train? What are your favourite statement pieces?


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    1. Ah no! I don’t think they look like pajamas at all! People can be so funny. They’re too good to care though 😉 xxx

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