Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring

The flowers are blooming, the days are warming, and everything in between is dreaming of the long summer days that are in sight. But spring is upon us, and with it comes the happiness and positivity that a little sunshine brings. I love this time of year. Every year when September hits I immediately get a wave of holiday feeling! Crazy as that may sound, these last few months of the year ALWAYS fly by, and before you know it, we’re on the beach, soaking up our December holidays with friends and family. I’ll slow down though, for the sake of everyone who has too much to do before the end of year hits! Rather, I want to talk about a style that keeps coming back in the warmer season, and one that I’m happy to comply with…

Spring into Spring Spring into Spring


I’ve always had a thing for collarbones. When a woman wears something that shows off her collarbones, it brings a whole other level of femininity to her style. They’re just delicate and beautiful, and when coated in some popping highlighter, then you best believe you are sparkling girl! Anyway. Bardot tops are one of the most perfect ways to show off the collarbones and create the most elegant look, without trying too hard. This is one of the reasons why I love them so much – they are so easy to wear and simple to style. Most days I don’t feel like spending hours finding an outfit, but I still want to look like I’ve made some sort of effort! And cue the bardot top.

Our amazing Joburg springtime weather hit us hard on the 1st of September already! And since then, majority of the month has been nothing but sunshine and warmth. My summer clothes had to be fished out really quickly, believe me. But dressing for these warm months is such a pleasure, because there are lots of shortcuts that can be taken. Light dresses, t-shirts and shorts, mini skirts, jumpsuits, and so on – all can be put together in minutes and still look chic. That’s my kind of dressing!

So basically, as soon as I could, I pulled out the light clothing and fun colours, and with this of course comes the bardot tops. This particular blue and white striped one is from a brand called New Feeling. I got it as a gift, so I’m not too sure where it can be purchased, though bardot tops are everywhere during summer, meaning you won’t have to look too hard to find. Firstly, the colour and pattern are so perfect for summer. The light blue and white work so well together to create a very calm feeling (clothes can definitely cause you to feel things – if not, I think you’re doing it wrong…) but then the style is obviously what makes it. It shows those beautiful collarbones that want to make you feel as feminine as ever. And it also cinches in at the waist, which creates an effortlessly pretty silhouette.

Spring into Spring Spring into Spring Spring into Spring

I’ve had my fair share of bardot tops over the years and they’ve never disappointed me. Plus, they never seem to go out of style! (Thankfully) I styled it with a simple pair of straight-legged jeans that I rolled at the ankles (from American Eagle Outfitters), and some very comfortable loafers from Superbalist. It is such a simple outfit, but with a few accessories and some make-up, the whole look can transform into something a little more than the “throw-on-and-go” outfit. And of course, bardot tops can always be easily dressed up for a more glamorous occasion. Imagine this particular one with a beautiful pair of fitted white jeans, some nude heels and a clutch bag. Add some rose gold jewelry and a bold lip, and you’re good to go!


Spring into Spring

What is your favourite spring/summer time style?


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