Notting Hill: A Day in Snapshots and Colour

Notting Hill

Notting Hill. What a dreamy area! I’ve seen the film so many times and fallen in love with it over and over again, so visiting the famous landmarks was only fitting. Notting Hill is the one movie that always comes to mind when everyone’s stuck on a choice. It’s also my favourite movie to watch on rainy days… And naturally, the actual area in London is every bit as charming as the movie. We spent a bit of time there during our trip to London, and I managed to get a few special pictures that I want to share.

It has so much character!

The houses, the shops, the beautiful little streets. Everything in this area is so unique, you can’t help but wish with every fibre that one day you’ll be able to live here (at least, that’s how I feel). When you live in a place that is famous for its pastel-coloured houses, surely that colourful fact alone is enough to brighten your day! This was hands down my favourite aspect about Notting Hill. Everyone revels in the colourful architecture and bright front doors. I struggled to not stop and take a photo at the next bright entrance!

Colourful houses Notting Hill

The famous blue door!

Notting Hill is known for the blue door that is home to William Thacker, the main male character in the movie. Tourists, and even locals I’m sure, are drawn to the door for pictures and memories. The day we went, the guy who actually lives there came out to accept a package and it was an exciting moment for everyone there. Probably a bit of a nuisance for that poor man to have so many people gathering outside all the time, but I guess that’s the price you pay when living behind such a famous door!

Blue door Portobello Road

Portobello market

The glorious market in Notting Hill. It’s filled with food stalls, clothing stalls, souvenirs, and beautiful odds and ends that can keep you browsing for hours. It’s such a beautiful road to wander through. And of course, with the Christmas spirit in full force when we were there, the festive lights were up and it was such a lovely atmosphere! I felt truly happy while walking through the Portobello market. And you know when you pretend you’re in a movie scene and feel all dramatic? Well…same.

Portobello Market

The traveling bookshop

Another famous landmark from the movie, the bookshop that only sells travel books. This was so great to see as well. So many people surrounded the shop and there’s a large poster of the movie in the front. Unfortunately, we didn’t go inside as it really was crowded, but even just to gaze from the street was wonderful. You could feel that everyone shared the same amazement that I did!

Notting Hill traveling bookshop

These are only a few snapshots that I captured on the day, but some gems nonetheless! I can’t wait until I’m back in London from February. I know I’ll be frequenting the Portobello market and the Notting Hill streets at every chance! It’s just such a happy area and I recommend a visit to anyone who gets the chance! (And especially those who are fans of the movie. You will die! – in the best way possible )


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