My Spring Beauty Wishlist

Oh Spring, you bring me happiness! The thought of warmer days, later sunsets, and the beautiful blossoms is truly the excitement that’s needed after a long winter. But that’s not really all that’s exciting me; there are so many spring beauty launches that have caught my eye and, while I might not be able to purchase all/any of them, it’s always nice to indulge in the trending products sometimes. Obviously, the products I mention are not limited to spring only, but with a new season comes a refreshed feel, and so sharing a new beauty wishlist seems necessary. And actually, none of these products are new launches now that I think about it   They’re all products I’ve had my eyes on for a while. However new or old they are, though, they’re still high up on my spring beauty list!


The Inkey List: Oat Cleansing Balm

This looks as good as it sounds. Anything that has ‘balm’ in the name has my attention, it automatically sounds nourishing and hydrating. In this case, I’m not wrong! You can use it to remove makeup but also as your standard daily cleanser, which is precisely what I’d love it for. I’m very eager to have glowing skin for summer (aren’t we all?), so something like this seems like it would do a pretty good job!

I tried a cleansing balm from Fresh quite a while ago and it was one of my favourite products ever, so it would be nice to see how this one compares.

The Inkey List

Glossier: Brow Flick

I know I’m a bit late to the party but Glossier’s Brow Flick has been on my beauty wishlist for the longest time. Now that I live in London it’s a lot easier for me to actually get it, so at this point, I’m causing myself the pain of waiting! But nonetheless, it would make the perfect spring/summer beauty buy for a few reasons:

  1. It helps create extremely fluffy brows, which I absolutely love!
  2. It makes the brows look natural and effortless – perfect for hot days.
  3. It also has really good wearing power (according to all the reviews I’ve seen), so any hot weather won’t have you missing any eyebrows. That’s always a win!
Glossier Brow Flick Kiehls Midnight Eye Cream

Kiehls: Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

I have always heard so many good things about this eye cream and I think it’s about time I got myself a tube. I struggle with dark circles (always have) and I’d really love to find something that helps a little, while also adding some much-needed hydration too!

Side note, when I say my under eye circles are bad I’m not joking. In December, my little cousin asked me why I was wearing purple under my eyes. That should give you an indication! You can imagine that I was slightly disturbed by this

This product isn’t new by any means but the fact that I’ve continuously seen so many positive things about it makes me feel like it’s probably a good choice. I’ve heard many different arguments as to whether or not eye creams actually do anything but even if they don’t, I love applying them anyway! This is apparently really great for dry under eyes too, so really, it’s speaking my language.

Joah’s Beauty Crystal Glow Tinted Luminizer Stick

Joah's Beauty Luminiser

This is one product that I’ve only just come across but if anything screams spring, it must be this. Glass-like skin is so in right now and it always looks so gorgeous! I haven’t managed to quite pull it off properly yet, so here’s hoping we’ll get there.

The whole glass-skin trend really ties in with the minimal makeup and ‘just-out-the-door’ kind of look. It’s perfect for warmer days when you want to throw some makeup on but don’t really want to go full force. This is where this Joah’s Beauty product would come in.

I’ve also never heard of Joah’s Beauty before this, so it’s really cool to discover and makes me excited to see what else they have! They say this is a luminiser stick and it does come in various shades, though with a poor shade range. But the thing is, it’s not necessarily foundation, so I don’t think shade really matters. From what I understand it’s more of a glowing product than a coverage one. I’m extreeeeemely interested! I can just picture this with a slightly orange-stained lip, some blush, bronzer and mascara, and it would just look gorgeous.

Rare Beauty: Liquid Blush

With so many celebrities creating makeup lines, it gets a bit overwhelming – on top of everything that’s already out there, I must say. But I have jumped on the Fenty Beauty bandwagon and I really am loving her foundation. As for Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line, I have been so intrigued to try some stuff but what stands out to me most is the liquid blush. I’m really loving the dewy look (let’s be honest, I’ve always loved it) but a liquid blush can just add that much more!

There are such beautiful colours in this range too that would be so stunning for summer days or nights. I’ve heard really good things about this one and apparently, the wear time is fantastic, which is great for a liquid blush. It just couldn’t be left off my list.

Rare Beauty Blush


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