Motherland Coffee for the Cute-Cafe Goers

Motherland coffee

For most, coffee is the starting point of everyday and the indicator of the day’s potential success or fail. It’s true – if it wasn’t for coffee, majority of the people you come into contact with would be sleep-deprived, possibly grumpy, humans! Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but I know how important that hot cuppa is to a lot of people first thing in the morning, and although it may not exactly be the deciding factor of a good day, it certainly plays a big role in promising a functioning human. For me personally, tea is my coffee. I can’t get through the day without numerous cups and if I’m denied it, well that’s just something I don’t want to consider! But when I do go to a cute cafe or a special spot, I love to indulge in a cappuccino from time to time. So when I was invited to Motherland Coffee for a yummy coffee and some treats, I definitely couldn’t say no.

Motherland coffee

I had been to the Motherland Coffee in Rosebank, but this was my first time visiting the one in Benmore. One of my favourite things about going to a new cafe is appreciating the decor. I love a cute spot that makes your visit even more enjoyable and this little nook ticked all the boxes. It feels cozy enough to have a good catch up with friends, but open enough to watch people walk through the centre as they go about their day. (Is anyone else a people-watcher like me? I am so fascinated by humans!) It has such a relaxed feel, with people working away on laptops by the counter, others reading a book on the couch, and even casual meetings and catch ups, all while sipping on steaming cups of coffee.

Motherland coffee

The staff were so wonderful and so, so friendly! This quickly makes the place somewhere I’d want to visit more often – it’s one thing to have tasty food and drinks in a cute environment, but add happy staff who want to chat and joke with you, and the spot sky rockets to a solid favourite of mine!

I had a delicious cappuccino as soon as I arrived. The froth artwork was literally perfect! It was done so well. I always appreciate how they manage to do that because it doesn’t seem easy to the average person (me) and it makes the coffee look so pretty. It always seems so bittersweet though because I want to drink my coffee, but at the same time I don’t want to mess up the froth! But let’s be serious, I’m just being slightly dramatic… drinking the coffee wins every time.

Motherland coffee
Motherland coffee
Motherland coffee
Motherland coffee

If you aren’t a huge coffee drinker, Motherland Coffee has a huge menu that offers other delicious and scrumptious drinks that you can try. I couldn’t resist and I ordered a smoothie that went by the name of: The farmers daughter! It was a mixture of berries and banana, which in all honesty is my favourite, and it makes the drink pink. So, win win! I don’t know if it’s random to order a smoothie at a coffee spot, but it was on the menu and I wanted to be adventurous (or as adventurous as drink choices can get). It was really good though and I highly recommend it if coffee ain’t your thang! The snacks were also too tempting and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a warm croissant, bathed in jam and butter. My friend slash photographer, Robyn, opted for the cutest mini banana loaf. I don’t think I’ve ever seen food so adorable. When I go back though I think I may just feast on their chocolate brownies, or one of their crunchies… and possibly something savoury too. It’s difficult to choose because everything looks delicious, and from what I’ve experienced, it will taste even better!

Motherland coffee
Motherland coffee

We spent about two and a half hours here, snapping some pictures, catching up and just laughing nonstop. It was such a good day! I think we could’ve sat there for another two hours easily, but I will definitely be back soon. Like I said, I have a list of things I still want to try! The whole atmosphere was welcoming, cozy, and just plain lovely. Basically all the things I’m looking for in a good coffee shop, while I let go, sit back, watch the world, and obviously, sip on my steaming cappuccino. Bliss.

Motherland coffee
Motherland coffee

Have you tried Motherland Coffee?


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