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Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution

The joy that makeup brings me is actually unbelievable. And affordable beauty, even more so! There’s something so exciting about opening up a new lipstick or feeling the texture of a new eyeshadow on your skin. It’s such a simple form of happiness and mine just keeps on growing! There’s so much more to makeup than looking pretty and perfecting even winged liner. For me, and I’m sure for many others, makeup becomes an escape, a way to express creativity, and mainly just have fun. Honestly I get so excited when I get to sit at my dressing table and apply, test and play with all sorts of makeup!

Granted makeup can become quite a big expense (speaking from experience, obviously!) but there are those brands that just manage to hit the nail on the head and create products that are equally incredible as they are affordable. And Makeup Revolution is hands down one of them. They only came to South Africa in 2018 (I may be wrong but I know they haven’t been here for that long) and they are a firm favourite for many of us beauty junkies! Did I mention they’re cruelty-free too? AMAZING.

The two standout products for me so far are the Baking Oil and the concealer. I have not been disappointed by these in the slightest! So firstly, the concealer: (R104,95)

Makeup Revolution

It’s properly known as Conceal and Define. The formula is SO creamy, which I absolutely love on my skin, and the applicator is big enough to apply the right amount of product without having to continuously dip back in. I have been using this under my eyes to cover up the circles and brighten the dull skin in the morning. I’ve found that this product stays in place throughout the day and the coverage is also something to highlight – it seriously does its job at concealing!

Makeup Revolution

Next up, the Baking Oil: (R134,95)

I don’t bake my face every time I do makeup (if you don’t know, baking is basically just placing setting powder on areas of your face and leaving it there for a few minutes to “bake” before dusting it off) but this product isn’t exclusively used for baking. The idea is to apply a few drops of this before makeup application to hydrate the face and give it a very natural-looking glow. Two of my favourite words: hydrate and glow! I had my eye on this product for a while before I caved and bought it, and it’s quickly become the first step in my makeup application every time! It doesn’t leave the face feeling oily or slippery, but it really does provide the perfect amount of hydration!

Makeup Revolution can only be purchased at Clicks, so make sure you visit one soon to check them out! I’m really looking forward to trying out a whole bunch of their products, seeing as so far I have been loving these two. And of course I can’t not mention the packaging because it’s so pretty and it feels luxurious! What a bonus for affordable beauty!

Have you tried any products from Makeup Revolution? Let me know what I should get next!


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