Living Life in Colour

Life in Colour

Colour is making a huge comeback right now in both fashion and makeup. If you didn’t know this yet, where have you been!? I only made my debut on this planet in ’96, so I’m not exactly sure when all the neon hype and crazy makeup trends were born (I think it was the 80’s? Correct me if I’m wrong!) Whenever it was, it’s back again and its definitely returned with a bang – and I’m all here for it! I’m talking neon colours, bold eyeshadow, bright matching tops and bottoms, big hair and colourful headbands! And honestly, when done right, it can look extremely stylish, plus it’s so funky! (80’s lingo is that you?)

Since young I have always been really interested in beautiful clothing and I would always obsess over Mary-Kate and Ashely’s wardrobe in their movies and series (the So Little Time knit jerseys and thick-soled flip flops were some of my favourite inspirations! Plus, their subtle makeup and lipgloss choices was a slight obsession of mine…) But as I grew, along with my fashion sense, I developed a keen interest in neutrals and styling my clothes along those lines. While I still love my neutrals – in my wardrobe and on my face – I have found myself branching out a lot more over the past few years. I would say it definitely gives life a greater sense of excitement!

So, while I’m no expert in styling, I have a deep love for clothes, an obsession with makeup, and a keen eye on colour. And I thought I’d combine the three today and share my tips on living life in colour!

Start off slowly:

You don’t need to jump right into a monochromatic outfit of bright yellow pants with a bright yellow denim jacket. Unless you want to! But if you’re new to this trend, adding pieces of bright colour to your wardrobe and your outfit everyday can make the gloomiest of days a lot more exciting. Throw on a bright pair of shocking pink earrings or a thick orange bangle. Take the neon polish to your nails even and add a swipe of yellow for something a little different! There’s no need to be scared of colour. I always used to be quite afraid actually, but with this trend all over social media, I’ve started absolutely loving them brights! Style is meant to be playful and experimental, so always keep that in mind. What is also a nice way to tie colours together is to match your lipstick to your earrings, for example. Or your nails to your eyeshadow. Obviously this isn’t a requirement – if you feel the calling for all the different colours in all the different places, you own it! This is just an easy way to start off your colour journey at a slow pace

Life in Colour

Focus on the basics:

When it comes to the makeup portion of incorporating colour, take one basic product of colour and begin with that. A bright red lipstick is a perfect way to brighten any makeup look, and with the right undertone for your skin, it will suit absolutely everybody. If you’re a little bolder, take the colour to your eyelids. What is SO IN right now is having just one single colour along the entire eyelid. It makes such a statement, but because it’s only one colour, it’s still simple enough to merge into your everyday looks. This Instagram picture from Allana Davison is a makeup look I have been obsessed with since she shared it and it’s part of the inspiration for this post!

Life in Colour

It doesn’t have to be neon:

Regardless of how popular neon may be right now, it can be slightly daunting and, possibly, not everyone’s cup of tea. Pastel colours are huge though too, so you’ve got nothing to worry about if you want to join the colour train but aren’t quite ready for neons! Pastels are a beautifully soft way to include colour into your life, and personally one of my favourites. The bodysuit and pants I’m wearing in these pictures are from two different shops, yet they are basically the exact same colour. I loved pairing them together – it was the first time I’d worn something so same-same on the top and bottom at once, but I love how the pastel complemented the idea.

Break up the colour with a solid black or white:

Whether it’s on your eyes or on your body, throwing in a contrasting piece or shade of black or white can make the look very interesting. If you opt for a solid sweep of red eyeshadow across your entire lid, add some black eyeliner onto your upper lash line to create a bit of contrast and definition. In terms of your outfit, pair a monochromatic outfit with black or white shoes. It’s a nice way to break up the colour a bit and add some twist.

And that’s it from me and my colour tips! I hope these help any of you wanting to experiment with some brightness in your style or makeup choices. Let me know if you’re loving this trend as much as I am!

*Bodysuit is from Mr Price | Pants from Frock You Up | Shoes from H&M


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