Little Venice in London

Little Venice

Little Venice in London Town

After being in lockdown since March, the past couple of weekends have seen a slow return to a different kind of normal. Ensuring a big enough space between yourself and others, sitting as far away from people on public transport, and trying to figure out whether a person is smiling or not beneath their mask are just some experiences I’ve had lately.

As things have eased a bit, we have been taking the opportunity to go out and explore where possible. We didn’t really have much of a chance to soak up our new home, as lockdown started pretty soon after we arrived in London, but finally, we are getting back into it. Following all the safety guidelines and restrictions, we hopped on a train last weekend and decided to head to Little Venice. A part of London I didn’t even know existed!

Little Venice Venice

What to expect

Situated in a gorgeous part of the city, Little Venice is the perfect place for a Sunday stroll, followed by a coffee and a breakfast. We walked past many little boat caf├ęs, with people enjoying a socially-distanced afternoon. It was a beautiful day to go too, as the sun was shining and the weather was warm. It felt so good to be outside, soaking it all up, instead of indoors! Many of the houseboats on the canal had people sitting on the top, having some drinks and snacks, casually living their best Little Venice life. It looked like a lot of fun!

There is the option of experiencing the canal from the water, in the form of a boat ride, though we didn’t do that. I definitely want to sometime though – I think it would be so lovely! Apart from enjoying the canal from a boat and filling your belly with food, there are other things to do, like watch puppet shows (performed from a barge on the canal!) or cycle alongside it.


Definitely well worth it…

As strange as it may seem to be wearing masks and keeping away from people, getting out into the world again feels really good. Especially being able to see the beauty of London and all the exciting places its home to.

Little Venice isn’t too far from Regents Park, so once we had made our way along the canal we headed there to end off our Sunday. The whole experience was wonderful and a definite must-do if you can.

We’re all about sticking to doing things that don’t require being close to anyone. So parks, outdoor attractions, and so on, are what we’re focused on at the moment.

Little canal

Have you ever been to Little Venice? 


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