June Favourites

June favourites

June swiftly came and went, and with it a whole bunch of stuff I have been using and loving! The months are flying by, so I thought I would capture some of my June favourites in one place, to share with you and to remind myself of all the amazing things I get to try – plus, the joy I have when it comes to writing about it all on my blog. I rarely do these posts because I use products and try different things for a while before they become a solid favourite of mine, unless it is something so different and I have an immediate connection with it, which does happen sometimes! But for the most part, I have included items in this post that I truly have been using on a regular basis and wanted to share the goodness.

June Products


As you probably know by now, I am obsessed with all things beauty, and every month, without a doubt, I’m trying something new. These products have definitely left a mark though.

The Essence ‘Stay All Day 16h Foundation’ has been a game changer in terms of long wear foundation. The formula is a favourite of mine because it’s not so incredibly matte that my dry skin can’t handle it, but somehow they have managed to create the perfect balance that stays put but doesn’t dry me out completely. This was a hugely exciting find for me and I have been using this for about two months, nonstop!

‘Glow to Go’ setting spray by Essence has also been on my favourites list for a while. I must admit though, I’m not a fan of the actual mist, because it comes out quite harsh and leaves drops on your face. I usually dab them in with a beauty blender before they dry. Though despite this, the finish it gives my skin is so beautiful that I can look past the mist debacle. It is more sparkly than I would usually go for, but as I said, it works wonderfully over a face of makeup.

The last Essence product I’ve been loving (as you can see it has been a few months of sporting a full face of Essence!) is the ‘Make me Brow’ brow gel. It is quite thick, so it really helps with making the brows look super full and fluffy. However, the best part is how well it sets the brows in place! They do not budge when I wear this and it’s just the best. I have also been loving using a lighter shade than my brow hairs, as it gives them more depth and creates a more realistic hair look.

Favourites June favourites Essence

The Iconic London ‘Sculpt and Boost Eyebrow Cushion’ is what I have been using to fill in my brows for a while now. It’s such a cool product – it comes with a dark shade and a lighter one, in a cushion formula. I had never used any “cushion” products before this and I have to say, I need to try more! It’s so easy to get product onto the brush and honestly, a little goes a long way. It is wet at first, kind of like water paint (not exactly, but it’s similar – at least that’s what it reminds me of) but once it dries it won’t move, unless you try and properly rub it off. It comes with a double sided spoolie and angled brush that folds easily to fit into the compact. And according to their website, the product has vitamin E that helps with hair growth – pretty cool!

‘Fabulous Me Liquid Highlighter’ from Looking Good LCN is a product I’ve been using for just under a year and it still amazes me. It was a special edition though (I’m sorry!) This golden goodness is so easy to blend in and works with every skintone. It also smells SO GOOD, which is always a bonus for a product! I use it over my foundation or under, if I want a more subtle glow, but either way you can build it up to your preferred intensity. It’s just one of the most luxurious highlighters I’ve ever used and I will never get over it.

June Favourites LCN Skincare


The Farmacy ‘Clean Bee Facial Cleanser’ has been shared quite a bit over on my Instagram feed and stories. It smells like honey and it contains hyaluronic acid – is there a more perfect duo? I have been using this morning and night, and honestly I am going to be sad when it’s finished. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and bright, all the while smelling like a snack!

‘Green Clean’ also by Farmacy was a cleansing balm that I absolutely loved, but I have finished the entire tub now. What I’m doing with the empty container is keeping a coconut oil and sugar scrub that I made at home. I’m including this in my favourites for two reasons: 1) I have really been enjoying experimenting with different ways in which I can reuse things in my house instead of buying more and more – I speak about this in greater detail in the post here. And 2) the coconut oil and sugar scrub is a huge favourite of mine in winter, as it leaves my skin feeling so silky and soft. Another favourite is definitely doing some DIY facial scrubs. It’s a lot of fun!

A hand product that I’ve used for a while now is the Looking Good LCN ‘3 in 1 Express Care Honeydew Melon’ scrub. Out of everything, this product smells the BEST! (I really hope one day there is technology where you can smell things through screens if you want, because man, I would love to share the smell with you right now.) I spoke about this scrub last year on my blog but I just had to mention it again. My skin gets so dry on my hands too in winter, so using this brings back the softness and really just makes me feel good.

LCN LCN favourite


I don’t speak about hair on here often and I really should start more. I only really got into trying out different hair products and tools maybe two years ago. It always used to be the very standard shampoo and conditioner with me, but I’m experimenting now and I find myself enjoying it.

The first thing that has become a firm favourite is (don’t hate me) shampoo and conditioner! These were only purchased about two or three weeks ago, but like I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes you just click with products and immediately call them favourites. That is just the case with the Loreal Paris Elvive range, in particular the ‘Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment Shampoo’ and the ‘Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner’. The shampoo is my ultimate favourite because of the oil element. I feel like it really makes my dry hair so soft and smooth. I’ve never bonded so much with a shampoo as I have with this one (that sounds a bit strange, but you get me!) The conditioner also helps with the silkiness of my hair, and they really both smell heavenly. I am finally understanding the hype around hair products and using things produced specifically for your needs. Just like this shampoo for very dry and curly hair. Yes please!

I bought the ‘Wet Brush’ a while ago too and have been loving it. I’ve never wanted to brush my hair as much as I do now with this brush! How funny? But I like that it doesn’t feel like you’re ripping out bunches of your hair if it’s knotted, and I really like how flexible the bristles are.

The last product in the hair category is eyebrow razors. I bought these to be able to clean up fluffy hairs around my brows, to make them cleaner and sharper. I have random hairs that are so small, making it difficult to pluck them. While I was afraid to use a razor on my face at first, I am loving the ease of it and it’s not as scary as I thought I would be. I remain in the areas by the tails of my brows, up towards where my eyebrows start, and I just gently shave away the fluffy hairs. It makes applying concealer there a dream!

Elvive favourites Wet brush June favourites

life stuff:

Technically all of the things I’ve mentioned can be put into my life category, but these next couple are more miscellaneous.

I picked up my Kindle a while ago and have been struggling to put it down since. There is always that debate of real books versus electronic ones, and I must say I am very in between. Honestly, there is nothing more exciting and satisfying than opening up a new, fresh book, smelling the pages and feeling it in your hands. At the same time though, the ease and portability of the Kindle is something I really do love. So it is safe to say that I go between actual paper books and those on my Kindle. Lately it has been my Kindle because I can quickly purchase new books without going to the shops (although I love a good bookstore browse) and this is what I have needed, especially when I can’t sleep at night and desperately require something to read immediately!

The last favourite that I will mention is the Netflix show I have been binge watching, which is Grace and Frankie. Such a cute, feel good show, that’s so easy to have on and relax to. I love it for that. I am very picky when it comes to what I watch because I have a very limited genre that I enjoy. Mostly it consists of romantic comedies and laid back stories, such as this, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, you get the picture. Especially when I have anxiety, watching something comforting is what has been a huge help. I’m nearly finished season five and I really don’t want it to end! What will I watch next?!

Kindle June Favourites

What have been your favourites recently? Let me know what I need to try/watch/read next?


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8 Responses

  1. I like the sound of that cleanser and I’m with you on grace and Frankie! I watch light and easy comedies on Netflix too! I love the Good place and Schitts Creek and Brooklyn 99, although I haven’t yet finished the Grace and Frankie latest season. it’s on my to-watch list though!

    I hope that you are having an awesome week 🙂


    1. Ah I looove The Good Place! I need a new season ASAP 😉 And I’m nearly finished with Grace and Frankie and it makes me sad haha! Thank you so much for your comment!! xxx

    1. You really can’t!
      If you get a chance to try the cleanser you definitely must – it’s such a lovely product! Xxx

    1. I’m a sucker for a good drugstore product! I’m so impressed with many drugstore brands’ quality right now! Xxx

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