Colour Block Jumper in Neapolitan Shades

colour block jumper
I have good news.. Neapolitan is not limited to ice cream! Colour block jumpers are an awesome way to bring in a little sweet flavour to your wardrobe, and if they’re fluffy and soft like this one, they could even prove to be better than ice cream…

Or maybe not. But close enough.

For a while I have been really obsessed with oversized jumpers and roll necks. They’re so perfect for cold winter days, and they are also great because they can be thrown on and it appears as though you’ve made an effort with your outfit. That’s the kind of fashion I like! I was on a little bit of a hunt for pieces like this one and when I came across it on Superbalist, I knew I had found ‘the one’. It was also 25% off – so I mean, I couldn’t NOT buy it…

colour block jumper neapolitan jumper neapolitan jumper

This jumper is actually a Missguided one that is stocked on Superbalist (amazing for those of us who live in South Africa and still want a taste of the gorgeous clothing that Missguided offers.)

The teddy bear style has been huge for the last year or two and since I got my own teddy bear coat in 2018, I can safely say I am still fully on this trend train. This jumper is meant to be slightly cropped, but because I’m rather short most things aren’t really cropped on me. But I don’t actually mind – I get cold very easily, so I try go for practical clothing in winter. Cropped jerseys will not suffice for this constantly shivering gal! I did have to roll the sleeves too, but again it’s not something that bothers me. I’m really into the oversized style at the moment.

colour block jumper

It is ridiculously soft. If I could let you feel it through the screen, I wouldn’t waste a breath. Wearing it honestly feels like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket you wouldn’t necessarily take out with you!

The colour block was the first thing that caught my eye. It’s not a new trend as far as I’m concerned, but it is still really cool and just makes the piece more interesting. Secondly, the colours are so me! I love the cream and the baby pink. The dark grey is also gorgeous, but my favourite are the first two. Especially because it reminds me of ice cream, and who doesn’t feel happy when they look like an ice cream?

colour block jumper neapolitan jumper

The three different shades also make it an extremely wearable piece. Paired with white jeans, pink trousers or grey leggings, will all look stunning and create completely different feels. I love when one piece can be styled in so many different ways that it actually feels as though you’re wearing a new item every time.

Here I styled the jumper with a pair of black trousers and my new favourite block heels (which are SO comfortable by the way – I couldn’t actually believe it!) This outfit would’ve also worked perfectly with some converse or other trainers or even a flat pair of ankle boots. The oversized jumper works well with the fitted trousers and the pointed toe heels, which help with elongating the legs. I think the jumper could work with baggier style tracksuit pants, but for someone who is short like me it would probably make you appear stumpy and shorter. (That’s just my opinion from my own experience – I’ve tried the style and I just end up looking like an Oompa Loompa!)

For someone who loves ice cream, fluffy clothing and oversized coziness, this jumper is the perfect addition to my wardrobe! What do you think of the colour block jumper style? I’d love to know how you would style it!


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