Anxiously Loading Lockdown 2.0

Another lockdown was announced a couple of days ago in London and so we ready ourselves for the second round of isolation. We knew it was coming really but man, 2020 has truly shown us its worst colours! Nevertheless, we will get through. I love being at home and I know staying inside is the best way we can help society right now, which is the most important thing. It’s strange to think about though – that we’re going into a second lockdown. The first one was such a rollercoaster of emotions, and while I’m sure this one won’t be as bad, I’m still a bit anxious about it.


Anyway, because of said lockdown announcement, we had our last little adventure in the city this weekend. Soaking up as much of the Christmassy vibes and decorations as possible. Regent Street during Christmas time is honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. All the Christmas lights make it so special! October may just have ended, but I think everyone just wants a little touch of goodness right now and so the Christmas decor is 100% acceptable.

Travel shot of life in London Christmas decor in Liberty London

We also may have done a touch of shopping during this last adventure ( ) and we all know that retail therapy is the best form there is  We’ll probably just be waltzing around the apartment in new winter getup, but that’s not the worst thing.


I took Pedro into Liberty as well as he had never been and I only went once in 2015. I love Liberty so much! It’s the most gorgeous building and houses so many interesting things inside its walls. Everything is waaaaay out of our budget there but I love a good browse nonetheless!


Saturday evening saw us cosy in new slippers, ready for a marathon of The Office. It’s both mine and Pedro’s first year of working “proper 9-5” jobs, so once the weekend hits we’re usually pretty exhausted. It’s sad that it’s like that but I guess in these circumstances when there isn’t much to do on weekends anyway, it’s not the worst thing being locked up in the apartment, forced to do little else than relax! I’ve also nearly gotten to a point of burnout I think, which is not good by any means. I feel like my brain is constantly switched on and buzzing with a million things that I welcome any downtime I can get. (I promise I’m a 24-year-old and not 89. Though the fact that I even have to justify my relaxation needs is exactly what’s wrong with society and hustle culture! Anyway, I digress).

Lifestyle shot of Liberty London Lifestyle picture in London Lifestyle picture in London

Completely unrelated but we’ve also gotten into an interesting habit of taking two photos when we enter the lifts in our apartment building: always a nice one and then a funny one. Soon my phone will just be pictures of elevator selfies with this guy! Not that I’m complaining. It may seem so silly but doing the little, weird things that bring a smile to your face if only for a few minutes, is so necessary right now. Particularly going into a second lockdown, the upcoming elevator pictures will be of us carrying our groceries and that’s as exciting as our adventuring will get.


The only other really different thing I did during the week was head into the office on one of the days. Getting up and ready proves to be a bit of a struggle but once I’m on my way I always enjoy it. Despite the fact that I often put myself onto the wrong train and end up taking over an hour to get there! (To be fair, I would’ve had the public transport thing down to a T if it weren’t for everything happening this year, stopping me from learning the true Londoner ways). Anyway, it’s good to get a bit of a different atmosphere and interact with different faces. Plus, we had doughnuts at the office which made everything worth it! I have a feeling though that it may have been my last visit there for the year. I’ll keep you updated though.

Lifestyle shot on London street

I’m sorry if this post is all over the place! But it’s kind of mimicking my brain right now. And that’s what this little corner of the internet was created for anyway; my random musings and adventures, locked down or not!

Let me know how you’re feeling with everything that’s going on. Sending all the love and positivity ❤️


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