2019: The Year of Adventure

I can’t help but say 2018 was a whirlwind! I know you’re probably already tired of hearing that, or how fast the year went by – believe me, I am too – but it’s repeated so much for a reason… It’s kind of VERY TRUE! As I sit here writing my first post of the year, I can’t help but think back to every bit of growth my blog saw last year. I started taking things a little more seriously and it definitely paid off. So with a brand new year, even more experience and knowledge under my belt, I can only imagine what’s to come. That’s my outlook for 2019. To focus on the positive things that will happen, to put out only gratitude and faith to the universe, and to open my arms wide open to new adventures. That is what I hope for this year, a year of adventure.

A certain kind of adventure:

When I say adventure, I don’t only mean traveling to new and exciting destinations or planning endless playlists for the road trips that will hopefully happen. Naturally these are the kind of experiences I’m looking forward to this year. But the adventures I’m speaking about more specifically have to do with adventures of the mind and everyday life in general. I found myself getting stuck in a rut towards the middle/end of 2018, and that definitely takes a toll on inspiration and creation. Two aspects of my blogging passion that cannot be lacking. This year I plan to focus my mind on things that will feed it happiness and genuine gratitude for the life I’ve been granted. Something I so easily forget about.

Where do I begin?

That’s a very good question! But luckily I’m surrounded by amazing people who set goals and create visions of the life they aspire to lead. My mom and my boyfriend in particular are two people I look up to when it comes to planning a prosperous year. It was just the other day that Pedro was helping me break down the goals I have so that it doesn’t seem like one overwhelming mush! And I must say, it’s already made a difference. It also helps that I’m a complete stationery freak and buying a day planner is my absolute favourite part of every new year. Therefore, the goal setting is an exciting task for me! What I have started to do as well is writing down five things I’m grateful for that day in my planner. This way, when I see my daily to-do list I’m also reminded of the blessings in my life and it forces me to take a moment to actually focus on each one. If you’re feeling down, jot some things you’re thankful for down on a piece of paper. I can guarantee it will lift your spirits, if only a little.

2019 adventure

2019 adventure

Expecting a change:

Obviously, I need to be reasonable and not set myself up for disappointment. I’m doing this by taking my goals in small chunks as I explained. One of the reasons why I don’t necessarily believe in new year’s resolutions is because they are usually massive expectations set that last about a month. The adventure comes in with learning new ways to motivate myself and bringing myself out of negative spaces. The mind is a powerful tool, which I am slowly learning. It can become your biggest adventure if you let it, which is exactly what I’m aiming for in 2019. Adventures of self-love, gratitude, selflessness, and hopefully the odd travel adventure here and there too!

what are you hoping for the year 2019?


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