Where Have I Been?


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Hi guys! It feels like forever since I wrote my last blogpost. I thought you possibly might be wondering “where have I been”? And even if you haven’t been wondering that, I wanted to share a little bit about this adventure with you. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but exams are over and I can finally take a breath and focus on my blog. (I have missed this!)

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The search for the MUD Maven 2018

This is what this post is about – if you hadn’t guessed already from the pictures (which I’ve been blocking up people’s social media with lately!)

MUD is an amazing cosmetics brand and it stands for Make-Up Designory. They are cruelty-free, which is one of the biggest reasons that I love them, and their products are just beautiful. Packaged in the most sophisticated grey/silvery palettes, tubes and compacts, their products are so pigmented and professional, it’s hard to not feel like a make-up artist when you use them!

That’s just a teeny, tiny glimpse into the exciting world of MUD. This is exactly why when I saw the competition for the MUD Maven 2018 I had to enter, and I am so happy I did!


Being chosen as a finalist

Out of all the entries from all over South Africa, MUD was only choosing 12 ladies! Now, you can just imagine how stressful this wait was, but at the same time it was very exciting. And then even more excitement came when I find out I had been chosen as a finalist! It was such an amazing feeling – for a number of reasons. The greatest one of those was the opportunity to be involved in the workshops and photoshoot that was to come with the other finalists.

Finally the first day of these long-awaited workshops arrived and I got to the MUD studio feeling extremely happy, excited, filled with anticipation and gratitude.

I can’t lie and say I wasn’t nervous to meet the other finalists – but as we all arrived, one by one, and got to know each other over muffins and coffee, I just knew that the three days were going to be so much fun. All the finalists were so lovely and we instantly got along. I felt so happy! 😛


The workshops

Our first day was all about social media, the ins and outs of hashtags and the importance of posting consistently. While this was going on, we were all snapping away and videoing everything and everyone. We also went live on the MUD Instagram to introduce ourselves as the finalists! That was really fun, and also interesting to see how we are all so different.

Our second session after lunch was a make-up demo by one of MUD’s very own talented artist’s, Sigi. She worked on Hesmarie, another MUD artist. During the demo Sigi went through all the products she was using and explained a bit about them. Obviously we were all mesmerised, being a bunch of beauty-crazed ladies!

One of the things that sets MUD apart from other beauty houses is the way in which they approach their make-up workshops with clients. Once you have purchased one of their specific kits, you receive a free workshop. In the workshop the make-up artist goes through every step with you, while doing one side of your face and guiding you through doing the other side by yourself. I just think this is the best thing!

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Our second day consisted of our one-on-one interviews with a panel of judges. While this was a very nerve-wracking thought, the actual interview didn’t take too long and the judges were all so welcoming and approachable. The finalists each had to film a make-up tutorial that was shown in our interviews. Once these were finished we could all go home to prepare ourselves for the following day: the photoshoot! I was beyond excited!!! (can you tell?)

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Photoshoot day

Our last and final day of our MUD journey came way too quickly. It was filled with people all over the studio, doing make-up, hair, choosing their wardrobe and accessories. It was an amazing atmosphere. We each had two looks for the shoot: the beauty look and the avante garde. Beauty was first and I was so lucky to have Hesmarie do my hair and Rochelle do my make-up. I really felt beautiful and just so thankful to be having such an experience.

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My avante garde hair and make-up was most definitely the coolest I’ve ever looked! I loved it so much – it was crazy and wild and all over the place. Rochelle turned my face into a canvas and Hesmarie gave me two afros on each side of my head! This really got me into a character, which brought out my wild side in the photos. It’s so exciting to play around and be weird – I mean, when else do you get to look like this?

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Coming to an end

The photoshoot was our last day at the MUD studio, and saying goodbye to everyone was so sad! We had made such good memories in the shortest time. I can truly say that I made really good friends on this journey, and for that I will always be grateful. I was challenged in these three days as well: to believe in myself, to walk confidently in who I am and to embrace new people as if I’d known them forever.

I am so thankful to MUD for choosing me as a finalist for the MUD Maven 2018. No matter what the outcome is, I gained so much from this experience and I loved every minute!

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And basically, that’s where I have been. (Apart from writing exams of course, but those aren’t worth going on about!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about my MUD journey, and please let me know what you think about my avante garde look! 😉


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