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In the midst of varsity work and the usual, everyday distractions, I felt like it was time for a much needed break. And what better way to remove yourself from the stresses of studies than to take a little trip down memory lane, to one of the most beautiful places in South Africa? Sounds pretty good to me! St. Francis, located in the Eastern Cape, home to magnificent beaches and the true ‘small town living’ that we all crave when the buzzing city becomes too much. This little gem holds many precious treasures, and they are not that hard to find – all you have to do is open your eyes and embrace what it has to offer.


We stay in the St. Francis Links – a golf estate that exceeds every possible expectation you may have. Believe me when I say this, as I am in no way a golfer, but I certainly can appreciate amazing nature, scenery and relaxation opportunities. All of which is found here. (There’s even a spa – so you see why you can trust me?)

Every time I have visited this beautiful place I have come home feeling so rested and at ease. It is one of the most relaxing holidays you can imagine! That being said though, there is also a lot of stuff to do that will keep you busy and intrigued all the time.




One of my favourite things to see here is the lighthouse. This is situated a little further from St. Francis Bay, in Cape St. Francis. It’s basically a five minute drive, and seeing as though St. Francis itself isn’t very big, it’s not a long way away!

The lighthouse is surrounded by rocks, which make for the most stunning setting. On the one side you have this incredible, picturesque lighthouse, and on the other side you have the turquoise sea, splashing vigorously against the rocks. It’s an amazing outing at all times of the day. I went at sunset once, though it was a cloudy afternoon, but the views were still breathtaking. It’s certainly nature in its finest form!

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Another thing I really loved to do were the walking trails. You can find these further along the beach, near some very lush-looking rock pools. These trails aren’t necessarily very long, but they show off with their views and happiness-inducing feeling in general! We took an afternoon and really soaked up the beauty of the walk. At one point you come out at a very rocky area. It’s always here that you get the best sensation of the ocean and the waves. You’re so close to the crashing waves, and there’s also something quite liberating about standing tall on a rock, looking out into the vast ocean! I really, really love it.

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St. Francis is also home to extraordinary canals that wrap around the town and engulf it in even more unreal beauty. On sunny days, taking a boat ride on the canals is an amazing experience! More so at sunset though, when the town is basking in the golden light.

If you don’t get to do this however, a meal at Caffe Bijoux will be an option that offers just as magical an experience. This restaurant is located higher up, providing an amazing view of the canals – while not forgetting to mention, their food is very, very, VERY delicious!

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I could go on and on about the beauty and relaxation that St. Francis has to offer, but I will leave the rest up to you to discover! Whether it’s visiting the port, the lighthouse, the beaches (obviously!), the restaurants, or taking walks, watching sunsets and exploring the town, this place is just the perfect holiday spot. I can’t wait to go back!


Where is your favourite holiday destination?


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