Travel Diary: Wales

“Traveling – it leaves you speeches, then turns you into a storyteller.” One of my favourite quotes about traveling, because it’s so accurate! Being able to travel is an amazing opportunity. For me, getting to travel with family is my favourite because there’s something more special in discovering this wonderful world with those I love. I guess it depends on the type of person you are – I’ve tried traveling alone, and I ended up hating it. It got too lonely and depressing – I need my loved ones… 😛

So at the end of April my dad, brother and myself traveled to Wales for a few days for my dad’s MBA graduation. I had never been to Wales before, and for those of you who also haven’t: I definitely think it should be one of the places to see before you die – it’s really beautiful. We stayed in Cardiff for the very short while that we were there, and we made sure to see as much as we could before we left. So because of this fact, our days were extremely jam-packed, but oh so much fun! But I’m not going to bore you with my babbling on – I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

My brother being all touristy... My brother being all touristy… My favourite sign in the restaurant, Zizzi. My favourite sign in the restaurant, Zizzi.

One of my favourite places in Wales was this park called Sophia Gardens. Filled with so much greenery, beautiful flowers and the river flowing through it, just adding to the picturesque aspect of it.

Also, the amount of PINK trees I saw was just crazy! I loved that more than anything else, now that I think about it…

One of my absolute favourite things about going to new places is discovering architecture. Some places in this world are so incredibly put together, their existence is breath-taking…

It seemed like the Welsh also had a thing for merry-go-rounds. I saw a couple in the most random areas while I was there! But nonetheless, they were so majestic and made for beautiful photos.

We went on a little boat ride on the river, on a boat named Princess Katharine. It was a stunning way to see the city. We were quite lucky because the amazing park (Sophia Gardens) was literally right across from our hotel. On the other side of our hotel was a castle. So we were in no means ever lacking in the breath-taking views department! 😉

And that pretty much concludes the quick, but not uneventful, trip to Wales! Thank you Cardiff, you beaut 🙂


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