Transition Outfit: What Do I Wear?

When I realise that the weather is slowly changing, I always get a bit stressed. Living in Joburg, our Autumn is slowly but surely starting to creep up on us, and our scorching hot Summer days will start disappearing rapidly. But with this change we welcome an awkward arrangement of days that fall into the category: not really hot, but not really cold. It’s basically a period of chilly mornings, where you’re bundled up and cosy, but by midday the sun is shining brightly and you’re breaking a sweat just by walking to your car with all your stuff. Sound familiar?

In the past week us Joburgers have experienced a definite chilly spell. The days have been rainy and plain cold. Not just cold in the mornings and then really warm by midday. Nope, its really just been cold! And this is confusing because I never know if I should wear Winter clothes, or is that too dramatic? Do I wear a thin jersey, and if I wear boots am I exaggerating the degree of chill? See what I mean! I’m telling you these struggles are real – especially for someone like me who gets cold at the hint of a slight breeze…

What I like to do in these awkward phases is layer. A thin jersey or top with a nice jacket. This way it’s obviously easier to just take off the layers as it warms up. Yesterday, during a pretty damn cold day, I paired an off the shoulder, long sleeve top from Frock You Up, with a three quarter sleeve jacket from Cotton On. The off the shoulder idea is quite nice because it adds an element of ‘coolness’ to your ‘in between seasons’ outfit. This particular top is made out of such beautiful fabric. It kind of feels like a slight, slight suede, and it’s just so soft.


The pants I wore are pretty warm. They are pleather, so they’re not necessarily what I’d like to be wearing in the middle of Summer in South Africa! But for the cooler Autumn days and going into Winter, they really are amazing. They are also extremely comfortable and the fit is great.

And lastly, my beautiful Kurt Geiger ankle boots. Personally I wear ankle boots all year long – with shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. They go with pretty much anything, which is awesome. I get a lot of wear out of these ones because they have a really slight heel, and they’re just nice and classic. Also, ankle boots are perfect for this time because they don’t make half your leg overheat if the day’s temperature starts to turn around!

I’m hoping that our Summer isn’t completely over yet, and that this cold weather leaves us for a little while longer. But until then, I’ll keep walking in my boots and wrapping up until the sun shines!




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6 Responses

  1. Hey there! I’m so impressed with your blog, its just so lovely ! Making me miss sunny SA SO much right now. Hope you are well XOXO

    1. Alex!! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me 🙂 I can imagine – but your Instagram’s look amazing. Hope to hear from you again soon xxx

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