Tips for Glowing Skin

The radiant glow is always a good look and I highly doubt that will ever change really. Personally, I loooove glowing skin so much. I just love how healthy and fresh it makes you look! But achieving it can sometimes prove quite challenging. Take it from someone whose biggest skin struggle has always been dry, dull looking skin. Since I became interested in skincare I have been on a mission to find a concoction that livens up my skin and brings out that glow from within! So, sit back, relax, and may these tips help you as they’ve helped me…

Glowing skin

Water, water, and more water. A little bit obvious? I know, but as much as this has been drummed into me since young, it was only recently where I started making a proper effort to take note of how much water I’m drinking daily. I’ve always been fairly good with water, having a few glasses a day at least, but this isn’t nearly enough. Now that I’ve started keeping a water bottle on me and continuously filling it up, I can see a difference in my skin after a few weeks. Water really works guys! (Who would’ve thought?)

Glowing skin

As much as you need to concentrate on your water intake, you also need to be aware of what’s going into your body. Now, before you get any ideas, I will be the first person to admit my love for sugar and yummy treats. And honestly, I’m never going to give up yummy things because why deprive yourself of something that brings joy? There’s a difference between being addicted to sugar and junk food and having a good relationship with it, meaning you don’t ever feel bad for allowing yourself to indulge. It’s all about that balance. Fruit and veggies are so important and when you start including more into your diet, I promise you it shows on your skin. If this is difficult for you, don’t feel like you’re alone – I have always struggled with eating too many sweets and not enough of the good stuff, but I’m slowly incorporating more and more into my diet and I’m definitely seeing the benefits. But also, I don’t deprive myself of sweets. A good glow from within also comes from living a life that you’re 100% happy in! And if that means having treats, then by all means. Just don’t forget balance.

A good skincare routine is vital. We’re speaking about glowing skin, so we can’t exactly leave out the importance of a skincare routine! For a while I have been using the Hey Gorgeous Hydra Active Age Reversing range, which includes an eye cream, a serum and a moisturiser. They each contain hyaluronic acid (the ‘it’ word in skincare right now!) and have made such a difference to my skin. The eye cream is like a roll on rather than a cream, and it feels so soothing under the eyes, I just had to mention that. Skincare is different for everyone, so try out different formulas and ingredients to find what works well for you. Once you do, embrace it and rock that glowing skin!

Fresh air and sunshine (WITH PLENTY SUNSCREEN) is literally like a big balloon of happiness that brings about a beautiful glow! More than ever I’ve been enjoying sitting in the sunshine with my dogs. I take a hat and apply sunscreen and take all the precautions, but even so, there’s a glow that comes from soaking up nature. I don’t know how else to explain it (and no, it’s not sweat! though that’s certainly a very natural glow.) But being outside really is wonderful and your skin needs vitamin D as much as it needs all the lotions and potions you apply. I suppose it’s more of a soul thing as opposed to an actual skincare glow tip, but if your soul is happy it will shine through your face!

Exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating is so good for your skin. It scrubs away any dead skin, ensuring that there’s no build up which can clog your pores ultimately. It helps with circulation, rough texture, dryness and dullness (literally EXACTLY what my skin needs). I did a post recently on some DIY exfoliating scrubs, using simple ingredients found in the kitchen! You can read it here.

As you can see, water, diet, correct skincare routine, sunshine and a good exfoliation are perfect starting points for your journey to glowing skin. I’m definitely still on this journey, and I don’t think it’s a ‘once you get there, you’re there for good’ kind of thing. Skincare, and particularly glowing skin, takes continuous dedication. But at least skincare is fun (well, I love it!) And you don’t have to implement everything into your life at once; take it slowly, start carrying a bottle of water everywhere you go, try out a sugar and honey exfoliator to see how it makes your skin feel, baby steps. It’s all about what makes you feel happy in your skin – and anyway, good things take time!

What are your favourite tips for achieving glowing skin?


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