Time to Share: Why I’m so Inspired to Blog


Today I wanted to share a little bit with you guys. Before I started my own blog, I had toyed with the idea for SO LONG. The reason why I took such a long time to actually get it into action though, is because of an incredibly sad and terrifying reason: I was scared of what people would think and how they would judge what I enjoy writing and posting about. Even once I had started my blog, it took a while for me to actually tell people I had a blog, let alone share my posts on social media! To think about that now really upsets me. I have now come to absolutely love blogging and the ideas I have constantly whirling around my head, are what keep this passion so alive. So here’s what I want to share with you: If I were to have kept the fear of being thought of as ‘weird’ and ‘trying too hard’ I would never have come to know that this is one of my favourite things I’ve ever done.


I have always had a love for writing, so with blogging it was natural for me to sit down and ramble on about things I find interesting. The photo-taking bit is still a bit rough and I’m getting the hang of it more and more, but it’s also a very fun part of it for me. When I get an idea into my head about something that I can write about here, I automatically think of what photo’s will go with it, where they’ll be taken, from what angle and what props can be used.

IMG_2016 IMG_2013

The more I read other bloggers and see their take on things and how they started, the more inspired I get to create and evolve It’s Lollypops. Some of my absolute favourite bloggers include Inthefrow, From Roses, Zoella and then some South African favourites are She Said, Lucy Sarah and Qaanita.

The thing with blogging that captured me the most right from the beginning is that it’s 100% completely you, and exactly the way you want it to be. It’s become such a massive industry (mainly overseas – South Africa is still catching up), but even so people are taking bloggers more and more seriously, which is so exciting to see. (And even though my blog is nowhere near any of those mentioned above, I like to know that I have a reader or two every now and then!) What matters to me mainly is that I get to write about things that are close to my heart and hopefully can inspire someone who feels just as I did in the beginning; a little in the dark and more than a little unsure. However, I learnt that from taking the plunge and just doing it, you get something greater in return.



So I’ll leave you with that, in the hopes that my two cents can be a bit of a positive booster for a Monday afternoon…

IMG_2036 IMG_2034


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