The Power Of Fashion: A Jacket That Cures All Blues

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Today is Tuesday, which means no Monday blues are applicable (thankfully). But I have something to share with you that is so bright and beautiful and will take any day’s blues away! At the start of each morning when I am deciding what to wear, I can become extremely overwhelmed by actually choosing an outfit, but also wanting to wear a particular style of clothing that I don’t have. It can become rather frustrating! I like to think that I’m not the only one experiencing this most days! What makes it even worse is seeing all the styles on Pinterest and Instagram, wanting to mimic them and then realising that you’re short one thing: actual clothing that even slightly resembles the style you’re trying to accomplish!

I can undoubtedly say that I’ve had many mornings like this, and believe me it’s a sad affair. But these mornings can be avoided, or at least minimised, with a little something that will easily take those blues away…

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As you can see, I’ve left nothing to the imagination here – the mood changer I’m speaking about is this stunning aqua blue and gold, African-inspired jacket.┬áThis all may seem like a big responsibility to place onto one, small jacket! Though I seriously believe that a great outfit can completely change an attitude in a matter of minutes.

I’m not expecting a single item of clothing to rid me of all my wardrobe dilemmas and magically wipe away my Pinterest/Instagram outfit goal desires – that would be something. But! I can fully give credit to a piece of clothing that makes me excited to pair with whatever else I end up choosing, and that possibly makes me fall in love with my own style again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be scrolling through my phone and thinking ‘I wish I had her clothes’ or ‘why can’t I be effortlessly stylish’. It’s something I think (I hope) most can relate to! This is precisely why staple pieces are a must and why when you find something you love to wear, hold onto it and own it!

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This little jacket is a statement piece for sure. It yells creativity, boldness and happiness, just by wearing it! You can’t help but smile and feel good when you’re wearing such an item, that is so rich in colour too. It’s designed by my mom actually (she’s cool – you can find her here) and was stocked in her boutique called Frock You Up.

The moment I saw the designs and fabrics for these I knew I needed one. It is so different from anything I’ve seen and the fit is just incredible. You could even roll the sleeves up and wear it as a three quarter and it would look stunning. When I put it on this morning it dawned on me that even though I can spend so long trying to figure out what to wear, if there’s at least one thing in my outfit that is 100% me, then the rest falls into place. That’s not to say though that I wear this jacket everyday and everyday I’m satisfied with my appearance. But I can be assured that the days I do wear this jacket, I feel confident and strong. That’s the amazing thing about fashion: it can change your whole perspective in a flash! It has the ability to make you feel more connected to yourself and pretty much like you can take on the world.

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At the same time though, I do sometimes find myself wishing that I could instantly change my style. But I’ve also come to understand that there’s a reason why they say that style speaks who you are without you having to say anything. Style is so unique – and even when we try to mimic something we’ve seen, we wear it in our own way. I think that’s really cool – because no matter how hard you try to get someone else’s look, it’s just always going to reflect your personality, which is definitely a good thing!

Our style obviously isn’t static though, and like us, it grows and changes all the time. It’s definitely not a bad thing to imagine different items in your cupboard and different ways that you could wear things. I mean, if we didn’t do this anyway we’d be quite bored! It’s finding that balance between expressing your own personality through style and being inspired by others that makes the difference.

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So yes, style is personal and exciting. And no, it isn’t always going to be exactly the way you want it. But if you look for the inspiration in the little things, getting dressed in the morning won’t always have to be the overwhelming task it sometimes is. Basically that’s what this jacket is to me. It’s one of my statement pieces that immediately brings me joy, turns an outfit around completely and when worn, takes away any blues I may have felt. It’s a lot of responsibility to put on an item of clothing, but what can we say? Fashion is that powerful!

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Do you have an item of clothing that immediately takes away your blues?


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