Sunday’s: Tea For Two


I’ve been feeling quite gross and fluey the last couple of days, but what better way to cheer up a little than with a tea party? I decided to put a small one together today, since we have SO many sweet goods in the house. It’s no joke! Our house can be lacking in food, fruit, water, electricity – you name it – but somehow we’re always secured with dessert!

Today I had the choice between apple crumble, pasteis de nata (a Portuguese dessert) and profiteroles from Glenda’s in Hyde Park.

Profiteroles and 5 Roses


If you have yet to visit Glenda’s, you best do it soon! They have an amazing assortment of delicious goodies, cakes and pastries. I’ve only ever had their sweet treats, but I’ve heard that their food is also absolutely delicious. Recently I tasted the petit fours from Glenda’s and that was a really good dessert. Although extremely sweet, it’s a lovely combination with some tea.

The profiteroles I had today were just as yummy, but a little less sweet. They’ve got different icings on top – pink, blue, white – and the insides are filled completely with custard. (My FAVOURITE part!)



I think any excuse to use pretty tea cups and have delicious cakes is what does it for me. Sunday’s are definitely for relaxing with the family and just enjoying a restful day, before the stress of next week rushes in.


There’s a calming element in tea that always soothes me instantly. Even in the summertime I can still drink it. Whenever I don’t feel 100% or I’ve had a horrible day, I always look forward to a cup of tea. It really is like a warm hug! After each sip that passes down my throat, my body is immediately calmed. The warmness that disperses, filling every inch of me. Kind of like it’s reassuring me.

I know that’s quite deep just for tea! – it’s the inner poet coming out… Sorry 😉


After a much loved tea party, it’s always necessary to have a Sunday nap. That’s just standard! Especially now, as a big storm is brewing while I type this. The dark sky growing heavy with an aching to pour. Soon, I shall be enjoying another cup of much needed tea… and possibly another profiterole.






I hope wherever you are your Sunday is as relaxing and positive as mine. Regardless of flu, sickness or any other ailment. Take some time to sit back and listen to this wind howling and the thunder roaring. It’s simply beautiful!



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