Summer Holiday Essentials


Summer holidays are my absolute favourite. Here in the southern hemisphere our summer is from November, so we have hot, beachy Christmases instead of white, snowy ones. There are a few things that are vital for summer though, regardless of what hemisphere you’re in. I’m going to share what my essentials are in this post, and I hope you enjoy it!

Skin Goodies: Sunscreen and makeup remover


Obviously in the summer sunscreen is the most important thing to remember. I put sunscreen on my face and neck everyday, and it’s usually a factor 50. When I’m spending time outside, whether it’s by the pool, on the beach, or just playing with the dogs, I always apply sunscreen to all exposed skin. I don’t really have a preference between a spray or a cream. This Nivea spray one is really nice though, and it’s factor 30 which is a good, high protector.

The next thing is makeup remover. This is a standard for most women, but this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is next level. It’s really great for summer, especially when you’re in an extremely hot climate. When taking off makeup with this product, it leaves no residue or unpleasant, sticky feel like some do. This is why I love it. Also, because Joburg gets really hot, if I need to quickly remove my makeup before a swim or something, this product is the best and quickest way. I definitely recommend giving it a try – especially after all the hype around it lately!


Face and lips: quick cover and bright colour


In the summer I especially look forward to using tinted moisturisers. I feel like this is just more natural and lighter, which feels better in the heat. Although Mac’s Studio Sculpt foundation is not necessarily a tinted moisturiser, it still gives me that same feel. It’s a really nice, creamy consistency and it’s easily blendable. It’s one of those products that you can just apply with your hands, and you’re good to go. This is what I need on a holiday – easy, stress free, but still flawless! This shade is NC20.

Another favourite in my books is colour! Lots of colours, especially on the lips. Lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses are such an awesome way to play with colour. It’s a lot less scary to apply colour to your lips than to your eyes, so this is a good way to start if you’re not so used to using colour. This peachy-orange is from Yves Saint Laurent and it’s called Corail Urbain. It’s a satin lipstick, so the finish is not matte but rather has a slight shine. It’s an absolute stunning colour for a summer’s day, with just enough moisture for the lips.



Sandy feet: they require beautiful shoes



As summer is the season for colour, it’s also the season for strappy sandals and pretty toes! A good pair of sandals is a really good investment – possibly ones that go with anything, to be worn with multiple outfits. These ones were bought from Superbalist. They have beige straps, with a gold piece across the middle. The gold is subtle, but just adds a stunning element to the shoes. These can definitely be worn with anything and everything. They can be dressed up or played down, depending on the occasion. And that’s what a good pair of sandals should do!

The espadrille-type shoes are from H&M. I received them as a gift and have loved them ever since! They’re the perfect type of shoes to throw on after a day at the beach, going for a relaxed dinner. The crazy, colourful pattern makes them more of a chilled, day shoe. However, worn with a plain top and some jeans or shorts, they create a fun holiday look just like that!

Hands and feet: nail polish goodness


I really love nail polish so much, sometimes I think it’s a problem! I went through a stage where I was painting my nails like every second day I think (ridiculous!) But I just love playing with the different kinds. It’s sort of like a therapy for me. Sitting down to paint my nails – I find some kind of relaxation and calmness in the process. And when I go past Essence in Dischem or Clicks, I really have to control myself! Their Gel nail polish line is my favourite.

I do seem to go more for the pastel colours – possibly because they complement a pale skin. It just depends though. That’s what’s nice about nail polish, you can take it off when you don’t like it and try another colour! (As I clearly do)


Accessories: my new favourite thing


On holiday I always find myself borrowing a cap from my brother or my dad. Finally this year I decided I want my own cap that I won’t actually mind wearing. I feel like I’m making this a way bigger deal than it actually is.. But I’m really excited about this baby pink cap, because it’s baby pink.. and so pretty. 😉 It’s from Cotton On and it’s pleather (pretend leather – in case you didn’t know, I didn’t know what it meant for long)

A cap or hat goes hand in hand with sunscreen and skin protection. The sun is so harsh and protecting your skin is so important, even on cloudy days. It’s really just a bonus if you manage to get a cap that’s cute and makes you excited to wear it. Exhibit A!



And that’s basically my quick summer essentials list! What are some of the things you can’t go without during the summer?


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