Pretty Vulgar Cool-Toned Eyeshadows

Pretty vulgar

So many people I come across prefer warm-toned eyeshadows as opposed to cooler tones. And I’ll be the first to admit that I am one of those people. The bronzes, warm browns, soft reds, are all part of the warm family that I so often put on my eyelids. It’s probably because I’m so pale that I automatically reach for warmer shades, because they warm up my look in general, but it’s never on purpose that I neglect the cooler shades of the shadows. What can I say? I’m a warm lady. Jokes aside though, I have recently started playing around with eyeshadows that are out of my comfort zone and I’ve really been loving the result! This gorgeous Pretty Vulgar palette is called Nightingale, and it landed up in my September Boxycharm box. I have been trying out some looks with these shadows and just having fun experimenting with areas of make-up that I’m not used to.

Pretty vulgar
Pretty vulgar
Pretty vulgar

Before I dive into the actual eyeshadows, can we just take a minute to appreciate how pretty this palette is. Obviously the packaging is in no way indicative of how good the eyeshadows will be, but I can’t think of anyone whose ever complained about pretty packaging! It’s a perfect size, being not too big or too small, and it also has a decent sized mirror inside. Oh how I love me a palette with a good mirror! The palette has a mixture of shimmery and matte eyeshadows, all of which have cool undertones. Though they still managed to slip some bronze/brown shades in there, they aren’t as warm as I’m used to.

The pigment is impressive, and I’ve been particularly loving the shimmery shades all over the eyelids. These colours are subtle, yet striking. I don’t normally reach for navy or grey/silver eyeshadows, but they are surprisingly beautiful. I’m usually so boring thinking that not much goes with my dark brown eyes, but actually a pop of the navy and silvers in this palette really made my eyes stand out – something I was not expecting from a cool-toned eyeshadow!

Pretty vulgar

I think if you enjoy having a dramatic smokey eye, then you will love this palette. But then again, the shades are pretty neutral as well and will easily adapt to a more natural look for everyday. Each eyeshadow feels really smooth and creamy on the eyes and I haven’t experienced any fall off – which is a huge plus when using the darker shades. And of course, the blend-ability of any eyeshadow is important as that’s the first rule of make-up: blend, blend, and blend some more! So it’s really great when you come across eyeshadows that make blending so easy. Because the formula of these shadows are so smooth and creamy, it’s a pleasure to feather them out, which can help you to create an elongated cat-eye look. Very, very sultry! The one last bonus when it comes to a product that ticks every box, is that this palette (and the whole brand) is cruelty-free. That makes all the difference in fully enjoying what I’m putting on my face.

My favourite combination of shadows that I have been applying to my entire lid is a mixture of ‘break free’ (top right corner) and ‘clutch’ (2nd row). These two eyeshadows combined create such a gorgeous, soft silvery colour that is perfect for adding some sparkle to the eye. Add some ‘flip out’ and ‘hide & seek’ (2nd row) to your crease and outer corner for a more defined look. And then lastly, pair all this with the shade ‘swoop’ (last row) blended out on the lower lash line and you’ve got yourself a smokey eye that will go with any outfit choice and colour!

Pretty vulgar

Have you tried this Pretty Vulgar palette? Let me know if you’re like me and usually go for warm-toned shadows! Here’s to branching out though! 😉


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