My Winter Makeup


I am a huge fan of winter colour palettes; auburns, deep purples, plums, and so on. So I thought it was only fitting to do a winter makeup look before the cold season leaves us.

The look I’m going to show you is really easy to do, and it doesn’t even take that long! I hope you enjoy 🙂


I start off with my foundation and highlighter. I leave my contouring for later, as I prefer that to be one of my finishing touches. That’s just personal preference though.



Then I go onto my eyes. I first apply a layer of a very matte, neutral colour. For this look I have gone for a peachy-beige kind of colour and applied it across my whole lid, with a very fluffy blending brush. (Please excuse the shadow that makes my one eye look darker than the other – lighting was not on my side!)



Then with the same blending brush I apply a darker brown on the outer corners of my eyes, blending into the crease.

I also add an ever darker brown on top of this one, but this darker brown has a little bit of a shimmer. I love this shade! It’s so beautiful and perfect for winter.


On the middle of my eyelids I have applied a rusty/burnt-orangey shade, that is also quite shimmery. This makes the eyes pop, and brings together all the shades of brown.



Using the same shadows I have applied to my eyelid, I do the same thing on my bottom lash line. First the peachy-beige, then a dark brown, then the darker shimmery brown. Lastly, the rusty/burnt orange is applied in the inner corner of my eyes. This is an awesome technique to make the eyes pop as well, and it just looks very pretty.

IMG_2224 IMG_2226

Next I do my eyebrows. (Cannot forget these!) I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, however, an eyeshadow that matches your hair colour is perfect, or also an eyebrow pencil. I love applying a clear gel once I’ve filled in my eyebrows, it sets them so nicely.


After eyebrows I start doing my finishing touches. I start with contouring, and I use a combination of a dark brown eyeshadow and a caramel-coloured pressed powder.

IMG_2233 IMG_2234

Once I’ve got my contouring down, I then use a Mac liquid liner and apply a strong wing to really create emphasis and finish off my eyes. At the same time I apply my mascara, and I watch my eyes go from ‘that’s nice’ to ‘THAT’S FREAKING AMAZING’ (I love mascara clearly!)

IMG_2237 IMG_2239


And along with these finishing touches goes my blush (Benefit’s Rockateur), highlighter (ABH Glow Kit Gleam) and my lipstick (mixture of Velvet Rose, Cherrywood and Cherry Chocolate from Mehron’s night palette). With dark red lips like this, I always use concealer around the lips edges to create a sharp and clean lip.

And voila!






I hope you enjoyed this look on your Monday afternoon. I would love to hear from you!



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