My Style Favourites for the End of Winter!


We are soon to be walking away from chilly mornings and cozy evenings, into a brighter, more flower-filled time: spring! That is almost too crazy to believe – it feels as though 2017 just started two minutes ago, and yet here we are nearing the last quarter of the year… Why does time insist on flying???

Don’t begin to think that I’m not excited for pool days, ice creams and flip flops, because I absolutely am! But seeing as September is going to be rolling in this week, I thought I’d give you a little look at some of my winter favourites, that I may or may not have modelled on a random street, with my mom the photographer.


The pants

One of my favourite pairs and such an easy go-to item: my Frock You Up skinny, pleather pants. I’ve spoken about these before, I’m sure, and nothing has changed since. They are still the pants I grab when I am not sure what to throw on in the mornings, and they always look like you’ve got yourself put together (which I don’t feel like half the time!). But anyway, they’re magic… Worn with a t-shirt, or something a little dressier, they suit every occasion. I particularly love them with my All Stars. It adds a good contrast between the more formal pleather look and the grunge of the All Stars.

The top:

This has 100% been my favourite top this season. Firstly, the colour is amazing. It’s pink, but the material is kind of sparkly – if I can call it that – which adds a dark effect that is seen from far. Close up though, the millennial pink (as it’s famously known) is more evident. Secondly, the style is so simple but is really flattering. It’s not too tight and not too loose either. The neck line is high, nearly becoming a polo neck, but not quite. This is also a Frock You Up gem and has seen many a winter day with me!


The jacket and the jersey

It was a very cold morning and I feel the cold so quickly, hence why I needed a jacket, a jersey and a long sleeve! The denim jacket I am wearing is actually vintage (I know, so fancy ;)) but in actual fact, it was my mom’s and she kindly gave it to me a while ago. It’s slightly big for me, so I usually roll up the sleeves. It gives it a much more casual look though, and it’s handy to do when the weather starts getting a bit warmer.

My jersey is pink (duh) because I love pink. But also, I love this style of jersey. It’s quite loose and baggy, and you kind of just throw it on and hope for the best. It isn’t very warm on its own, but because it’s rather loose you can layer a bit underneath. This is one I bought from Forever 21 in New York, so I suppose you could say it’s not just a jersey, but a memory… I’m only joking, but I do really love it!


The shoes

I have definitely spoken about these boots from YDE on here before too. My absolute dream pair for so long before I finally bought them! I have been trying to get more wear in these before the cooler weather leaves us, but I feel like I will still make a plan to wear them in summer somehow. They are edgy and soft and just damn beautiful. The faux suede is the soft part (which gets dirty easily, so careful where you walk) and the metallic heel is the edgy part, and frankly my favourite. I am not lying in saying I get serious heart eyes whenever I even just think about these boots. They raise my sass levels and make me feel confident! Now that’s what a killer boot should accomplish.

The bag

Of course, the very beloved Michael Kors handbag. There’s not much I need to say about this bag because it just speaks for itself. It’s dainty, elegant and still practical. It is the perfect neutral colour for everyday and the longer strap makes it easier to carry around over the shoulder, while the smaller handles give it more of an ‘evening bag’ feel. It fits all of my nonsense inside, that just ‘has to come with me in case I need it’ (anyone else?) But overall, it is a serious winner and a huge treasure of mine!


The accesories

I used to be so terrible at remembering to put on earrings or rings, but slowly I have become better and I always feel like it just polishes off the outfit. The earrings I’m wearing here are an absolutely gorgeous pair that I received for my birthday from my aunt. They are dangly with a round, flat piece at the end iced with little crystals. This dreamy pair is from Swarovski¬†and also, they are rose gold! It really does not get any better than that.

The two rings that I am wearing came from a quaint shop in Brooklyn, called Francesca’s. It was such a cute shop and had the prettiest things, from jewellery, to stationery and clothing. The first one has a cross within the ring and the other is a round, light blue stone. Both are the prettiest shades of rose gold and are so delicate.


For now, that is it from me and my favourites that have been seeing me through winter. What are your winter staples? Anything in particular that raises your sass levels too?!


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