My Quick Holiday Glowy Make-up!



Hi guys!

Wow, it has been quite a while since my last blogpost.. the last few weeks have been rather eventful, in both good and bad ways. But I am finally back and I have so many posts that I have thought about and want to share with you!

On that note, this post is all about the quickest holiday make-up that you can throw on with just a few products and NO BRUSHES! That’s right, I only used beauty blenders for this look, which helped with the glowy finish even more. I was in Mozambique this past week visiting my dad, and their winter is non-existent! It felt so good to be in warm weather again and it made me so excited for the summer to come along!


Being back in warm weather meant that my skin didn’t feel so tight and dry anymore (just one of the many reasons to love summer!). I started off with my trusty Too Faced Hangover Primer. As usual, this sets a really smooth surface for the rest of my make-up and helps to hold the products in place.


Next up I used my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NC20. I chose to bring this foundation on my trip because I hadn’t used it in a while, and it’s a really creamy consistency, which is perfect for that glow. (I will be speaking about a make-up journey I’m choosing to go on in another post soon, so don’t forget to look out for that!)

I applied my foundation with my purple beauty blender. I think I just bought this one from Dischem. I use the round side to blend the foundation in, as I found this side to work better for the larger area than the pointed side.

Oh and because this is a make-up on-the-go tutorial, I used my phone’s front camera as a mirror!


Eyebrows! Going for a very natural look, I brushed through my brows and then applied my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in soft brown. This pencil is very soft and smudgeable, so it easily creates a natural looking brow in minutes.

Over this I put some of Catrice’s Eyebrow Filler, which is a brow gel. This product is amazing! I love the size of the brush, it’s quite a lot longer than other eyebrow gel’s brushes I’ve seen, but it works so well. It instantly gives the perfect finishing touch and keeps the hairs in place!


The next step is concealer. The one I’ve been using is also a Catrice product and it’s very hydrating, while taking away those dark shadows we sometimes get (read: always – well, me). It’s the Re-touch Light-Reflecting Concealer. I’ve used the shade ivory (010). There’s a hint of an orange undertone, which works perfectly to counteract the dark purple-blue circles.

This was applied underneath my eyes (obviously) and a little bit on my chinny chin chin.


For a slight contour, I used LA Girl’s Pro Conceal in the shade espresso. This is a beautiful, warm brown that doesn’t appear too harsh on fair skin tones.

This was applied right underneath my cheekbones to give my face more of a sculpted appearance. And then a little bit around my forehead, to warm up the foundation. I did also put some on the sides of my nose – which I don’t usually do – but I felt like doing something different, and warming the sides of my nose seemed to be the answer!


I went very, very simple with my eyes. The only product I used was another one from Catrice. The Made To Stay highlighter pen is a stunning gold, that has a slight shimmer and is ideal for this quick make-up! I applied this over my whole lid and simply blended it using my ring finger.

To create some more shimmer on my face, I put some of the highlighter pen along the middle of my nose and on my cupids bow. This created a lovely pop of glow in the right places and nothing too extreme.


My blush was a Bobbi Brown one – the Sheer Colour Cheek Tint in sheer lilac. It glides onto the skin incredibly and is also very easy to blend! I usually use my fingers, but a beauty blender works just as well. This shade is a soft, beautiful pinky colour and it also has a tiny hint of shimmer, because it’s so sheer.



I used my all time favourite mascara after this. It is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and it literally makes your lashes look so full and voluminous and oh so glamorous! Plus, if you haven’t heard me go on and on and on about the metallic, pink packaging – where have you been?!


And finally! On my lips I used a Mac lipstick named Jubilee. It’s such a happy sounding name! This lipstick is the greatest nude I have ever come across. It isn’t a light pink (which is what I usually find with nude shades) but it’s also not too brown (which sometimes happens too). But strangely enough, it is the best nude I have used and it certainly is not TOO NUDE that it makes you look sick! They honestly just nailed this.


That is all from me today! Thank you for having a read, and I hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to know what your tips or go-to’s for a quick make-up are?



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