My Eyebrow Tutorial

It’s 2017 – a new year, a new eyebrow tutorial! Brows are still one of the biggest trends in the beauty and fashion industry. But unlike a few years ago when thin and round were in, natural and thick are the go-to look now.

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time a few days ago. I really loved the way it shaped them and it really wasn’t too sore at all! I’ve heard that it’s better than waxing, because apparently waxing isn’t good for the shape.. I’m not 100% sure about this. But personally I think threading is just more accurate and precise. What are your thoughts?

Anyway! I’m going to show you how I fill in my brows and define them in the shape that I like. I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade for the past year, and towards the end of the year I also started using the Benefit brow kit. They’re both absolutely amazing and create a beautiful, crisp brow.

I always do my brows after foundation. Some people do it before – but it’s really just personal preference.

The Benefit brow kits are really awesome. The one I use is the Defined and Refined Brows. It comes with a ruler tool to measure out where to fill in and what shape is best, a pencil, a primer and a highlighter pencil. It’s the perfect beginner brow kit!

The first thing I start with however is brushing through my eyebrows. This creates a good surface and evens out the hairs.

Before you begin to shape your brows, you need to know where everything must be. Using the eyebrow ruler, place it on the outside of your nose. The part where it is on your forehead by your brows is where your brow should start. So if your eyebrows have a space between the ruler and the brow, you will fill that in. If there is hair going past the ruler, you will pluck those.

Next, taking the ruler on the side of your nose again, slanting it past 3 quarters of your eye will indicate where your brow arch should be.

And where your brow will end will be shown when you hold the ruler on the side of your nose, slanting it up onto the outer corner of your eye. If there’s a gap, again you will fill in what’s missing. If the hair goes past this point you will remove them.

So now you’ve got the general shape your brow should take. While measuring, make little marks with an eyebrow pencil or gel.

I always start by filling in majority of my brows with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow and then I go back afterwards with the Benefit pencil to define, neaten up and fill in any blank spaces.

Begin by tracing the shape of your brow at the bottom, running from beginning to end. It’s always easier to start at the bottom, because this is generally darker than the top. Also, you can blend upwards from the bottom.

Once my line is drawn, I start filling in. It’s basically like colouring in your own eyebrows (but naturally). The end tip is also usually the darkest place, and as you move closer towards the middle it gets lighter. Because of this I always start at the end, and move inwards. Taking my brush in the direction of the hair growth and I just apply the colour to create an even brow.

You can draw a slight outline on the top part of your eyebrows as well, to make sure you keep within the space. But just remember to blend it out.

And there is the filled in left brow and the unfilled right brow. I think many people have quite a negative outlook when it comes to filling in eyebrows. This is understandable when you see some pictures of people who take filling in to the next, unnecessary level. But all you really want is a natural looking, more crisp and defined brow.

Once I’ve filled in the right side as well I move on to the Benefit pencil to do some finishing touches.

With the pencil I just go over the bottom line again, so it’s more defined than the top of my eyebrow. I also lightly fill in any spaces that may have been missed with the first product.

The pencil is great because it’s more precise than the angled brush. So I can easily get in to the tiny spaces and fill in where required. At the front (where the two brows meet) I gently stroke upwards with the pencil. This just creates a fuller look and because it’s going in the direction of the hair growth, it’s so natural.

It’s really so quick and easy! In this picture the left brow does look a bit darker – just because of the lighting. But you can see that the bottom is more defined than the top and the end tip is darker than the front.

I never feel complete without doing my eyebrows. Even if you don’t feel like wearing makeup but also don’t exactly want to go out bare faced, fill in your brows and put on some mascara. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make!

Lastly, to finish off the eyebrows I apply concealer to the bottom edge and the top edge. This completely cleans up any product that’s gone outside of the desired shape and adds to that sleek look.

Once I’ve blended the concealer I then add the primer over the brows. I prefer to use the Benefit primer as a gel for afterwards, simply because I feel like it holds the brows in place really well and just gives it a good finish.

And the last, last, last thing I do for eyebrows is apply a highlighter right underneath, on the brow bone.

(I did not know I could raise my left eyebrow that high…)

And that’s it! So simple and it will take you 5 minutes. And of course, you don’t need to use all of these things. A pencil, gel or powder of your choice will do the trick just as well, as long as you follow the correct shape and direction!

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if there’s any other tricks you prefer doing?


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