My Day with Capztured Photography & Design

On Friday I had the privilege of working with the three amazing women from Capztured. Zikayla, Yolandi and Chàn-Lee are in their last year of studying photography at The Open Window Institute.

They started their company last year and they are already thriving! So when Zikayla asked me to pose for her in this shoot, I was really excited. I’m definitely no professional model, but my acting days certainly help me a lot with being in front of a camera.

It was such a perfect day to do an outside shoot – especially since the ladies quickly decided they wanted to incorporate the horses into their pictures. At one point we were trying to bribe the animals with biscuits because we had run out of carrots! We had so many laughs throughout the day! But it wasn’t just all play and no work…

What I found most comforting was the ease and passion these photographers worked with. It’s very clear to see when people have a passion for what they do. And this not only shows in Capztured’s work, but in the whole process. The entire day was just like a get together with friends, taking some photo’s. That’s how comfortable they made it! I quickly became so much calmer in front of the camera, and from there it was just jokes and giggles all day long!

Because the shoot took place at me, of course Noodle wanted to get involved too! But Zikayla, Yolandi and Chàn-Lee were so chilled about it, and they loved how the animals were so interested. Noodle really didn’t want to leave us alone – she may have a future in modelling it seems.. (I would hire her – she’s got so much sass!)

The whole day was really just such an amazing experience for me. From meeting these amazing women and seeing what they do, to being able to help them out and having a LOT of fun playing dress up! I even took a few nudges from the horses in order to get the shots we needed. But seriously, I would do it all again. Especially if it’s a Capztured photographer behind the lens.

If you’d like to have a look at the rest of the pictures, please go onto Capztured’s website and have a look at their gallery. Also like them on Facebook and Instagram! They are three of the nicest ladies you’ll come across, and they really are so talented. They offer a whole lot of services and their packages sound incredible. Whether it’s birthdays, baby showers, fashion photography, etc – they’ve really got it all covered and you’ll want to keep working with them!

Let me know what you think!


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