My 5 Favourite Podcasts at the Moment

Podcasts have become hugely popular in the last few years, and are quickly becoming people’s go-to choice of travel listening. I only started downloading podcasts last year (I’m always hopping on the train so late!). But the ones that I’ve continued going back to are really interesting, and have become a different way for me to learn new things and find more inspiration.

I love having episodes on while I bath or do my makeup in the morning – when I’m not shedding tears over Ed Sheeran’s new album… So I thought I would share my 5 favourites (in no particular order) that are helping me and motivating me so much. I hope you enjoy!

1. The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast:

I only started listening to this once recently, but it’s extremely interesting so far. Pat Flynn speaks about how he started his online business and navigated his way around earning passive income. I enjoy it because it’s not like a sit down, boring, monotone, one on one lesson. Rather Pat is really enthusiastic and so eager to share his secrets. He tells you where he took the long way round to figure things out, while pointing you in the direction that he suggests is better or quicker. That’s pretty nice of him. 🙂

2. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso:

I absolutely love this woman. She is so cool! She speaks to women in creative industries, who have made their way up the ladder of success and can pass down a lot of information and advice. Her episodes are really fascinating to listen to. Sophia is the author of #Girlboss and founder of Nasty Gal clothing. If you’re into woman power and sisterhood, and all that kind of stuff, this podcast is for you!

3. The Lively Show

I must admit I don’t listen to this one as often as the others, but I still do enjoy it when I do listen. The woman behind this podcast is Jess, and she’s very much into inspiring and uplifting people. She speaks a lot about living with a deeper meaning in every aspect, and aiming for healthier and more fulfilling intentions in love, success, relationships, etc. I can relate a lot to what she stands for and the way she presents it through her podcast, and that’s definitely why I’ve kept going back.

4. Ladies Who Lunch

This is one of my absolute favourites! The two women, Cat and Ingrid, come from pretty different backgrounds, so they have really interesting perspectives on topics. They talk about a whole array of issues and taboos that exist in our society, and they do it in a loving and humorous way. What’s cool about this podcast is that they take inspiration from listeners who write in with a certain question or dilemma. This then forms their whole episode’s foundation. Plus, at the beginning they are always eating the yummiest foods that makes my mouth water!

5. Ctrl Alt Delete

My last podcast, but most certainly not my least favourite. Very far from it actually. This was the first podcast I started listening to, and ultimately what got me hooked on this craze! Emma Gannon is the author of the Ctrl Alt Delete book, which shares her own story of how she grew up online basically. Through her podcast she then chats to various people in the online community, and the way in which the internet and social media has affected or changed their lives. Her episodes are so chilled to listen to, but so wonderful and inspiring at the same time. I’ve learnt so much just from listening to the bloggers, writers, editors, and so on, that she speaks to.

And those are the 5 podcasts that I’m really enjoying right now! If you’ve never tried out listening to a podcast, maybe give it a go. It’s a really different way of gathering inspiration, new ideas and essentially just learning about some new things.

I’d love to know what your favourites are and if you’ve been hooked on any of these, like me?!


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