My 3 Favourite Mac Nude Shades


I’m a huge fan of bold and bright, but when it comes to quickly throwing on some makeup you can never go wrong with a nude! No matter the skin colour, there’s a perfect nude for everyone. These are three of my favourite:

Mac’s Satin ‘Faux’

I love this shade because of its pink undertone. My lips are already naturally rather pink, so this lipstick complements that. It’s so smooth and because it’s part of the Satin lipsticks it doesn’t leave your lips feeling overwhelmingly dry! This is always a big factor for me.

Pair this lipstick with the ‘Soar’ lipliner and you’ve got a really stunning combination!





Mac’s Matte ‘Honey Love’

This lipstick has more of a red undertone – it’s very similar to Faux, but its colour is more of a beige than a pink. I love this nude because it tones down the pink in my lips, for a more subtle, skin colour effect. It’s part of the Matte lipsticks, but I found this particular shade to not be drying like the other Mac Matte shades.

It’s really perfect for the ‘no makeup-makeup look’!





Mac’s Vamplify Lipgloss ‘Anything But Demure’

I have been obsessed with this lipgloss since I got it! It’s incredible because it’s so pigmented, which really surprised me for a lipgloss. I think it’s a really good alternative to liquid lipsticks, because of the moisture factor. Liquid lipsticks are amazing, but they can be so drying! This Vamplify lipgloss has a really high pigmentation, like liquid lipsticks, but it doesn’t dry your lips nearly as much.

And of course, the nude shade is my favourite.





I would love to know what your favourite nude shades are! And if you’ve tried any of these three? Get in touch, we can talk lip goods 😉





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