Mirantur Beauty Boutique: Dramatic Makeup & New Products


I am really excited to share with you a new brand of makeup products that launched only this week! Mirantur Beauty Boutique is run by Haniksha and Kiasha. I took to my tools and gave a few of the products a go, quickly falling in love with each of them. In my next few posts I will be sharing different looks I create with the range of products available on the website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them.

The first look I wanted to try was a dramatic cat eye and a bold lip. It’s not uncommon now to see makeup looks that consist of both eyes and lips as striking and ‘in your face’, and this is pretty exciting!

Skin, foundation & brows

I apply my primer first as usual. I tested the Light Moisture Primer – the Poreless Primer – from Mirantur. It’s a clear liquid and but it feels really soft on the skin. (So far so good!) Then I go onto foundation. I’m using Mac’s Studio Sculpt in NC20.

For my eyebrows, I used the Eyeliner and Eyebrow Cake Set from Mirantur. This little tub is so cute. It’s got two parts – on the bottom is the gel liner and the top is the brow powder. It comes in a set of two different shades and it includes a really good, slanted brush. For a full brow tutorial, you can have a look at my post My Eyebrow Tutorial.


After eyebrows I move on to my eyes, I apply a neutral colour to my whole lid as a base for my eyeshadow.

Then using the Smokey Surrender Palette from Mirantur, I used the brown shadow, in the second row from the left, second shadow in the row – this was used in the crease of my lids, to create a warm blend.

The Mystery Palette, which is so amazing because the pigment is incredible and the little specks of other colours make a stunning metallic appearance. I used the red shadow with the bronze specks. Applied on the crease of my lids, just over the brown and slightly underneath it. The metallic element gives such a beautiful finish, and the slight bronze works nicely in addition to the brown on the crease.

Once the red/bronze was applied, I used the grey shadow from the Smokey Surrender palette (first row from left, third shadow in row) and applied this just on the outer corner of each crease, to add some depth.

Using the last row from the left of the Surrender palette, the second and third shadows in the row were applied to the rest of my eyelid, under the crease. They’re bronze/champagne coloured shadows and work so well with the Mystery Palette red. The lighter shadow on the actual lid gives a beautiful contrast to the darker crease and makes the eyelids appear bigger.

My last little bit of crease blending was done with the Rosewood Shadow palette. Using the dark copper colour in the top right hand corner. A stunning shade that just added to the warmth on the crease.

Now for the best part of the look: the cat liner. Most people are usually nervous about using liquid liner, never knowing where the wing should go and always creating two completely different shapes on the eyes. But an amazing makeup artist, Gina Myers, showed us a great trick once. Just as in preschool we would do follow the dots, the exact same approach can be used for eyeliner! You make dots across your top lash line, from the outer corner to the inner corner, indicating where the liquid liner will meet. (Keeping small spaces between the dots) Then with an open eye, your wings will be as close to identical if you follow your bottom lash line, in its slanted/upwards direction, stopping next to the lid or as far out as you want your wing to go.

It’s really crazy what a difference eyeliner can make. The liquid liner from Mirantur is waterproof and super dark. I think it made the application a lot easier because of its stiff koki-like applicator. The worst thing is when you try to use a liquid liner that has a really flexible applicator, because then you don’t have enough control over where your wing is going. Believe me, I’ve tried. But I suppose you have to experience that for yourself!

For my lower lash line, I applied a bit of the red and bronze from the Mystery Palette, some of the grey over this and on the inner corner I applied some of the bronze/champagne shadows to make it pop.


Using Mac’s Mineralize Concealer in NC20, I apply it in triangular shapes underneath my eyes. I always do this after eyeshadow as there may be fall off from the shadows. I wipe the fall off away and then apply the concealer and blend it out. The triangular shape also creates a highlighting effect that is flattering and makes the eyes appear brighter.

Contour, bronzer and highlight

Using the dark chocolate shadow from my Saucebox palette, I apply my contour just underneath my cheekbones, from my ears to about just before the apple of my cheek. Then using the beautiful Mousse Bronzer Highlight from Mirantur, I apply this slightly over the contour, and more up along my temples, to warm my face up. Don’t forget to blend this all in! The bronzer can also be used slightly on the apples of the cheeks, which I have done too. Creating a warm glow and healthy cheeks!

Then last, the highlighter. I just used a tiny bit of the Crushed Pearl from Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit. Applied just above my cheek bones, on the sides of my forehead and down the centre of my nose.

Lips & mascara

The amazing Flamboyant lipstick from Mirantur comes in so many shades, it’s every girls dream! The colour I used for this look is Posh Plum. It’s not matte, but rather has a bit of a shine and is incredibly smooth to apply. The deep pigment is also really stunning and it stays on for so long – every girl’s dream too 😉

And my finishing touch for my eyes was of course the mascara. Using the black waterproof mascara from Mirantur as well. The brush is quite big, which I like because it gives more volume and extravagance!

If you’re interested in any of these products, then head over to Mirantur Beauty Boutique website and get buying! I share the products that I enjoy using, the ones that I believe in and the ones that have an amazing team behind them. These products check all those boxes. And you can see from the pictures that the end result is exciting!

Let me know if you get your hands on any of these products! And come back soon to see some more fun looks that I’m going to be playing with in the next couple of weeks.


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