Liquid Lipstick Swatching!


Hello guys!

I decided to do something a little different today. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on two different brands of liquid lipsticks: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colour Pop Cosmetics. I was going to do a lovely swatch with them actually applied, but unfortunately we had a bit of trouble because THESE PRODUCTS ARE SO HARD TO REMOVE! ?  So instead of showing you my now very red mouth from all the scrubbing, I rather applied the lipsticks on my hand. The colours I’ve got are pretty neutral (my go-to), but I hope you like them!

This first one is by Colour Pop and it’s called ‘Solow’. Colour Pop has really awesome names for their lipsticks – I think I even saw one that was called ‘More Better’ (how fun!). This one that I bought has quite a brown undertone, but it’s still very pink. It’s a beautiful everyday colour.

This colour is ‘Stripped’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  This shade is also quite brown/orangey but instead of a dominant pinkness, it’s definitely more peachy.

This one is ‘Dolce’ by ABH. I love this coral-like colour! It’s so stunning when you want a bit of a pop, but not too much.

This last one is Colour Pop again: ‘Stingraye’. This is a darker and bolder shade, but couldn’t you just do with twenty more of these? ?  Obviously I also love this colour, who couldn’t!

The biggest difference I have found between ABH and Colour Pop liquid lipsticks, is that Colour Pop one’s are a LOT harder to get off (don’t fool yourself though, they’re both pretty difficult!) These products are definitely the perfect solution for an event or night out where you need your lipstick to stay right on.

And that about sums up my exciting liquid lipstick shades – these are only the first of many though (what’s a girl to do?) For those of you makeup addicts such as me, follow on Instagram. This wonderful company imports so many international brands to us South African’s who crave what’s not hit our shores yet! So, thank you Muse Beauty! ?

Have a lovely weekend friends X


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