Let’s Do Make-Up… With Purple Hair!

That’s right folks – my hair is currently purple! And it’s been quite a lot of fun playing around with make-up while I have this mop of colour on my head!

However there’s no need to panic, the purple is not permanent 😉 If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my little rambles about the purple just being the result of a LOT of toner. After a few washes it will fade and then I’ll be back to my (not so natural) blonde self.

I did want to take the opportunity to do a makeup look though and so I went with the always-loved cut crease.

Because I decided to do an airbrush makeup look, I applied my concealer underneath my eyes before the foundation. I always do this with airbrush, because the gun doesn’t really get into the small spaces under my eyes… For concealer I used Temptu’s concealer wheel, which is super creamy and feels so good on the skin.

I applied my foundation, contour, highlight and blush with my amazing Temptu Airbrush. Airbrush is so much fun to use and the finish is always flawless. It creates the prettiest natural glowing skin.

The colours I used for my foundation were the shades 002 and 004. I just mixed them together in the airbrush gun.

Once I finished the skin part of my makeup I moved onto eyebrows. But look at the stunning glow the airbrush gave me:

For my eyebrows I brushed my hairs upwards, enabling me to see all the scarce spaces between the hairs. I first applied Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade with a thin angled brush. And then I used Benefit’s amaaaazing eyebrow pencil to just neaten up.

Then onto the eyes:

I always start with a base shadow that covers my whole lid and it’s always a neutral beige colour. I used this one from the Morphe palette:

Then in my crease I applied a light brown as an outline of my crease, extending slighting past the outer corner of my eye.

I then take a darker brown shade and go over this outline. All the while blending it upwards.

And then I take another DARKER shade to go over these browns.

When I’m happy with the shape of each outline, I blend some more. And then I apply concealer onto the remaining open area of skin on my eyelid, making sure not to conceal any of the crease line. I also extend the concealer past the outer corner of my eye, tracing the crease line I have done.

With this part done, I move onto my winged liner. I used Mac’s liquid liner and one from Mirantur Beauty Boutique. Following the path of my bottom lash line, going outwards up towards my eyebrow, is the path my wing will go. That’s just a good way to make sure both eyes are matching!

Doing winged eyeliner is easy if you pretend it’s follow the dots – just dot your path across your upper lash line and stick to that!

For my bottom lash line I applied a really pretty pink shadow from Mac. Just to add a little bit of colour to the eyes, and to match my pink lips that are to come!

After the stress of matching eyeliner (it really is a patience-required skill) then I apply mascara.

I’m still using a Rimmel mascara and the Essence Lash Princess – one of my all time favourite combinations! The Rimmel one is great because the wand really gets to the root of my lashes. But the Lash Princess is the best final touch because it gives a nice curl to my dead straight lashes.

My second last finishing touch was adding shimmer underneath my eyebrows and on the inner corners of my eyes.

And finally comes the lipstick! I’ve used three pinky/purpley shades from the Mehron Day Lip Palette to create a soft, but fierce lip colour.

And there we have it!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I really had a lot of fun (especially with the purple hair – it felt so crazy!)

If there are particular looks you would like to see, let me know! I would love to get some more ideas. 🙂





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