Lauren Carmen: Why This Change

If you follow me anywhere, you’ll probably have noticed that my previous identity of It’s Lollypops has grown into Lauren Carmen. When I first started blogging, Lauren Carmen was the name I chose for every platform. However, as I started experimenting and trying different things I thought I may as well give a different name a try. I had been called Lollypops, and variations of that, ever since I can remember. And hence, It’s Lollypops was born.

It has been something that I’ve thought about a lot. As much as I have loved It’s Lollypops, I feel I may start to outgrow it. Whereas with Lauren Carmen, I can only continue growing into. And with one final push, I decided to change back.

So, welcome to Lauren Carmen! I’m excited to have you here. As you may know already, there are so many different things I’m interested in and find myself oooohing and aaahing over. And for this reason I am incorporating all my makeup artist shenanigans, beauty loves, fashion passion, writing bits, photography trial and errors and of course, my animals.

I’ve realized that there is not only one part to me, and so having a separate blog page and a separate makeup page just wasn’t making sense to me anymore. I am beauty. I am poetry. I am desserts. I am dancing. I am clothes. I am puppies. I am art. Maybe I’m not physically these things! – but they definitely make up huge parts of who Lauren Carmen is.

With this, I hope you keep returning to see what each and every different aspect of who I am is up to. Whether that’s trying, but failing miserably, at baking doughnuts. Applying makeup on my beautiful clients. Doing makeup tutorials on myself. Or just being dorky Lauren.

You can also follow along on my Facebook page and on Instagram.

Bye for now!


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