Getting Into Spring Fashion


After a little bit of a cold spell last week, I think the warm weather is here to stay. (I hope!) With this in mind, all the exciting Summery clothing can finally be pulled out of the back of the wardrobe. I have been seeing such cute things at Forever 21 and H&M this past week. This really makes me even more excited for Summer days! (But this isn’t the greatest thing for my purse…)

I have put together an outfit for a bit of Spring inspiration. My problem is that I get cold with the slightest breeze, so even in Spring I’m still feeling slightly chilly. However, today was such a beautiful, sunny day. It was only fitting that one of my favourite skirts and tops be pulled out and worn happily. 🙂

img_2443 img_2444

My skirt is from The Kooples. I have posted about it before – but quite a while ago. The silky fabric, pockets and lace detailing at the bottom make this skirt so easy and beautiful to wear on a hot day.


And yes, those are skulls in the detailing! It gives the pretty skirt a bit of an edge, which I think is a really cool twist. (I’m not the biggest fan of skulls on clothing, or skulls in general, but they’re very small on the piece and can only be seen from very up close.)



A couple of years ago, I went through a really big headband phase, and I would always be on the lookout for them. This pink floral one is my favourite, although I haven’t worn it for quite a while. But it’s so perfect for warm days! It keeps the hair out of your face (a big bonus when you’re wearing lipgloss) and you can find really stunning ones to style different ways.

img_2447 img_2446

The one thing I did manage to decide on at H&M, among all the amazing clothing that made it so difficult to choose from, was this pair of cream lace shoes. I have loved the look of the thick bottom but just didn’t jump on the train quick enough! But that doesn’t matter, I always like to take my time when thinking about what I buy.

img_2454 img_2458

So here’s hoping that my excitement for Summer and my Spring outfit inspiration doesn’t jinx this lovely weather! I would love to know what excites you about Spring. 🙂




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