Exploring Joburg: French Toast Hartbeespoort


I am always up for an adventure and ready to discover weird and wonderful things. So when my boyfriend, Pedro, and I decided to go and explore ‘mini Paris’ in Hartbeespoort Dam, I was beyond excited!

Only about a 45 minute drive from Joburg, this hidden treasure is definitely worth visiting. It has only been open since 2014, so it’s still fairly new, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. We went on a Saturday morning at around 9am, just before the flood of eager people arrived between 10 and 10:30. It was a beautiful day, although not very sunny, but actually just perfect as we sat outside, and so we weren’t boiling under the sun.

They have done the restaurant so well. Made to resemble a quaint cafe outside the Eiffel Tower, the small tables with the cobblestone ground really makes it believable. And of course, the miniature Eiffel Tower in the background, making for the perfect brunch view.


The food was absolutely amazing as well! Obviously going to a place that is called French Toast, one is most likely to order just that. But, their take on french toast is so cute. Pedro had a delicious dish that looked more like a muffin than french toast. It was described as cinnamon infused apple french toast pie topped with a delicious crumble and cream cheese mousse on the menu. Damn it tasted good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


I went for a more classic type of french toast: golden fried french toast sticks uniquely stacked and served with maple syrup. And it really was a very good choice. It was topped with castor sugar, and garnished with two strawberries. YUUUUUM.




Once we had finished eating, we walked across the lock bridge, that crosses a small stream. You can take your own lock and put your and your loved one’s names on it, and attach it to the bridge. It really is so cute how they’ve managed to do this.



For all the hopeless romantics out there like me, French Toast really is a beautiful place to go on a date, and just to enjoy something a little different. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is very special. Of course the French music playing in the background makes it an even more clichéd date, but it’s so worth it!

To find out a little bit more, you can click here to go onto the French Toast website. And don’t forget to take your camera 😉








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