Dealing with Negativity


I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling so much negativity going on in the world. Whether it’s terrorism, sexism, racism – it’s just extremely abundant. And it’s easily depressing. So I’m taking the time to share with you some ways in which I calm myself after a negative day.

1. Write it out:


Obviously this is my most natural remedy, because it’s something that comes so easily to me. But often, the process of writing is dismissed which is really sad. It’s incredibly interesting to see how writing out your thoughts can become your greatest therapy. It forces you to really consider what you feel and why, which is ultimately what’s needed after the negativity we’re so innately surrounded by.

2. Light a candle:


There’s so much calmness that comes with a lit candle. Especially if it’s scented (my favourite is vanilla!) Just by sitting near it for a few minutes even, closing your eyes and breathing deeply, is an amazingly calming process. Another really simple idea is to light candles while you bath. This takes relaxation to the next level!

3. Think about the smallest blessings:


In the midst of all this chaos and gloom lies many beauty’s if you stop and think about it. I often have to remind myself that a bad day is just one, small fraction of a bigger picture. When there’s all this news around us of illness and hate, it can be really difficult to try and pick out the blessings. Somehow though, they are there. And it is here that lies the positivity that we need to remain faithful in our world, and rather to unite than to give up.










4. Do something that you’re passionate about



Out of all of these things thrown at you to bring you down, make sure you take the time out of your day to do something that makes you happy. For me, this is makeup and blogging. However, every single person is different. But what doesn’t change from person to person, is that everyone enjoys something. And in this world, if we can’t do what makes us happy, then what is the point? At the end of the day, we can’t allow every single negativity affect us. Rather, we must form our own positivity and spread that.

5. Drink tea!


My last idea is a MUST. Tea is a must. I don’t know what it is about tea, but somehow it makes things a little bit better. I always, always, always look forward to a cup of tea when I’m down. It has a strong soothing element that makes hard days bearable. So, yes to becoming avid tea-drinkers!


I hope for some of you this gives you a bit of motivation to be strong on your not-so-good days. We all have them, so we really need to uplift each other – especially in a world like ours, where most people would rather see you fall. As Ellen Degeneres says always: “Be kind to one another”. It really doesn’t cost a damn thing!



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    1. I completely agree! We far too often only focus on the negative!
      Painting is so relaxing. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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