Benefit’s Big Sexy Lip Kit

I am a big fan of Benefit cosmetics and a lot of the time it’s merely the packaging that grabs me! Today I’m showing you one of their Lip Kit’s that I got for my birthday, which is also pretty different to any other lip kits I know. Read on… 😉

Generally when you think of putting on lipstick, your mind automatically goes to a lipstick and lip liner combination. Both of which need to be carefully picked in order to complement one another, and obviously not be drastically different in shades. This is pretty much the norm.

What is really unique about this Benefit Lip Kit however is that the lipliner and lipstick are one product! I find this so awesome for the days where you want a polished lip, but don’t really feel like doing the two step liner and lipstick routine. It’s also really great for when you’re rocking a natural look and don’t want anything too overboard on your lips.

The lipstick/lipliner duo tubes are packaged like Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara, and honestly it’s the cutest lipstick tube ever. There are 4 shades that come in the kit:

  1. Flame Game
  2. Pink Thrills
  3. Revved-Up Red
  4. Lusty Rose

The texture of each is nice and smooth, giving a moisturising feel. This also creates a bit of shine, which I love.



You can see the separation between the lipstick and liner, as the liner is the darker and higher section on the left. While the lipstick is the slightly lighter, lower part on the right. The lipstick part of the duo is also bigger in width and length than the liner.

This Pink Thrills shade is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a deep pink, accompanied with a mixture of a red and pink liner. You can see how gently the liner works on the lips, but it’s strong enough to notice the contrast.


When applying the duo, you always need to make sure that the liner section is on the border of your lips, keeping the lipstick inside the lips border.

By having the two products made into one, the result is a beautiful blend between lipstick and lipliner. It comes out so naturally, without any horrible, unwanted dark lines that don’t match the lipstick.


How beautiful is the Flame Game shade?! The liner is a darker shade of orange, with a hint of red. And the actual lipstick colour is a beautiful, rich orange colour.


This shade is a bit bolder than the Flame Game shade. It’s a stunning red that is perfect for an evening look. And the deep red lipliner is an elegant match.

There is a definite hint of pink in this red shade which makes it easy to wear during the day too, as well as evening.


The last shade is the most natural colour, perfect for an everyday look. It’s still pink, but more of a subtle, dusty pink than the Pink Thrills shade. It’s very suitable for throwing on as you walk out the door, while still managing to make your lips look like you spent your time doing them.

I love how with all four shades, you are able to see where the liner is sitting on the lips, but it still appears really blended and soft.

This Benefit Lip Kit is definitely worth trying out, particularly if you’re not one to spend money on both lipsticks and lipliners. Or if you just don’t have the time to do both. The feel of the shades are extremely soft and it’s almost as if you’re applying lip ice! To me that’s amazing 😉 Also, it’s just really awesome to come across a product that’s unique like these.

If you’ve tried them out I’d love to know your thoughts on them! Is this duo something that stands out for you?


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