A L’Oréal Love Affair!



My hair is fading! It is now a silvery/lilac colour and it’s really beautiful. Soon it is going to be back to blonde (what I originally wanted) and the strange looks I’ve been getting will stop… 😉 But since it’s still here, I’m making the most of it while playing with make-up.




For my foundation I’ve been using the L’Oréal Infallible 24hr in the shade 120 – Vanilla. This foundation is so smooth, the wear is amazing and lasts all day and the colour is just beautiful.

Then for my under eye concealer I’ve been using LA Girl’s Pro Conceal in Natural. This has an orange undertone, so it’s perfect for covering up the blue underneath my eyes.

Over this concealer and along my cheekbones I’ve applied the shades Fair and Neutral from the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Cream Kit. This is my new favourite! The product glides on effortlessly, and honestly makes your skin look flawless.

For my contour I used the Havana shade from the Contour Cream Kit as well.

I used my usual Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow on my eyebrows and finished off with the Benefit brow pencil and Rimmel clear gel.



On my eyes I’ve used the Tarte ‘Pro To Go’ palette. This palette is so stunning and the pigment is incredible, I actually couldn’t believe it.

I started with the shade Drive over my entire lid. Then just along the lash line I applied the shade Stylin – a gorgeous, deep purple.


Just above this purple I applied the shade Boss, which is like a metallic, burnt orange. I blended these two together where they met so that the purple flowed nicely into the Boss shade.


Above Boss I went in with the shade Hype. This is more of a golden metallic, but they are all so insanely pigmented! Again I blended Boss and Hype where they met, to create a smooth edge.

I blended the shadows out a bit further from the outer corner of my eye, to create a more elongated appearance.

On the bottom lash lines I blended a mixture of Stylin and Boss, and dragged this out past the outer corner of my eye too.


My mascara is also a new one – it’s the L’Oréal False Lash Superstar X Fiber. It has two parts to it, which I know does irritate some people, but I don’t really mind it. I usually use two different mascara’s to get my desired look anyway.

I love the two wands on this mascara though. I think the one is for lengthening and the other is for volume. For someone with dead straight lashes like me, I appreciate anything that actually works! And this mascara manages to give me some curl, which is amazing!


I’ve realised that this post has majority L’Oréal products in it, and I apologise for the lack of diversity, but I really am loving L’Oréal so much recently. So just bear with me!

I used another incredible L’Oréal product (gasp) on my lips for this look. It’s in the shade 113 – Invincible Sable and like the mascara, has two parts to it. The actual lipgloss is applied first and it becomes quite matte. But then step number two is a lip ice kind of product that is applied over the lipgloss, and this takes away the matte feel. I am 100% all for a product that can still give me the look I want without drying my lips out more than they already are, so I am loving this!



My blush was from this Face Powder palette, just from Dischem. I used a combination of the second and last powders on the top row. And my highlighter was from my Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit, an all time favourite of mine!


I hope you enjoyed this look! I would love to know what you think and what your favourite make-up products to use are?


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