3 Ways to Style Denim Shorts This Summer


A good pair of denim shorts can be used in so many different ways, so they’re a really good investment. Whether you pair them with stockings and boots for the winter, or a pair of beautiful sandals for a hot, summer’s day, they work well with anything!

I ordered this pair from Superbalist a couple of weeks ago. They are kind of washed out, and they have the very loved rips, that give them some extra edge. I’m really enjoying them already and I know I’m going to get SO much use out of them, this summer season especially. Keep on reading if you are also interested to see how differently you can style denim shorts, for all occasions πŸ™‚

The classic everyday sandalΒ 



I love this look because it’s elegant, but also so nice just for everyday. The sandals give the shorts a more sophisticated look, while still not looking too formal. I’m a huge lover of sandals and these complement the washed out shade of the shorts.

What’s also really awesome is the contrast between the shirt and the shorts. While the shirt is more tailored, the shorts with the ripped edges give a punk-rock kind of vibe. I love how these two elements work together, creating a casual, sophisticated appearance.



From day-to-night in denim


This look is really exciting. Using the exact same top and shorts, I’ve just added some heels, a smart jacket and an evening bag to create an evening look. It’s crazy how just a change of shoes and a jacket can completely change a whole look! This is really handy if you have an event in the evening and have to go straight from work or university. If you just keep a pair of heels and a jacket in the car, and you’re sorted!

My jacket is from Pringle (thanks to my mum!) and my shoes are ones I bought in Australia a couple of years ago. They’re incredibly high though, so I don’t wear them often unfortunately. But when I do, I get a lot of compliments on them – they are so beautiful.







Casual and comfy for the lazy days


The last look I styled is the one I would wear most I think. I love being comfortable in sneakers and a thin jersey. This is really nice for late afternoon, when the sun is setting and a cool breeze sets in. Knowing me, I get cold so quickly! So I always have to have something to wrap around me. And a thin jersey like this one is perfect for the summer afternoons. It also looks so lovely with the shorts. A little bit folded at the bottom, to create some texture, with the sleeves slightly rolled and a comfortable pair of All Stars or other sneakers. This is certainly my go-to comfort look!




And that’s that for my three ways to style denim shorts πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas and styles. I’m always interested to see how people put outfits together, so let me know if you have ideas or preferences! And also, if you have shorts that you’re currently loving as much as I’m loving these πŸ˜‰


P.S. This is how I feel about summer πŸ˜‰




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