2017 Flashback: 17 Things I’m Grateful For This Year



Christmas has come and gone but the spirit of giving and being mindful of others is still alive – possibly those who are alone at this time of year or are less fortunate in any way – so I’m taking a few moments to make a point of really focusing on what I have in my life that makes it so full and wonderful, the things that have added to the goodness of my 2017 and what I am forever grateful for. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement of this holiday, causing us to forget about the real gifts in our lives… I most definitely love this time of the year and all the Christmas festivities! But I have a lot to be grateful for, and these are just some of those gifts.


1. Family and loved ones

It goes without saying that this time of year would be horrible without those I love most around.

2. Holiday food

Being able to fill our bellies with delicious food is a huge blessing.

3. Animals

My pets are basically family and make everyday even more special (plus they made good stand-in elves ;))

4. Home

Decorating and filling our home with love and festivity is something I really appreciate.


5. Rest

Recharging and relaxing fully at this time after a long, busy year – cocktails at the pool? I think yes 😉

6. Giving

Being fortunate enough not only to celebrate Christmas with gifts, but being in a position to give something back to those who aren’t as fortunate.

7. Love

Experiencing so much love surrounding me, being accepted and cherished.

8. Being able to explore my passions

Having the time to delve into different areas of my life, finding new interests and renewing old ones.

9. Health

The peace that comes with knowing that your family, loved ones and yourself are healthy and active.

10. Travel

The knowledge and fulfilment that came with going to new places this year.

11. Time

Something that is so precious, but often taken advantage of. I’m grateful to have had time with many different people who have impacted my life this year.

12. Peace

When I was angry, I had the opportunity to take a moment alone to calm down. When I was sad I had the opportunity to lean on those who could comfort me with little words. When I was happy I had the opportunity to share that happiness in laughs and smiles with those around me. I’ve experienced a lot of peace this year.

13. Trial

Looking back, the difficult times this year have helped me to not be so hard on myself, but also to be thankful for the way in which they shaped me.


14. Space

I’ve always cherished alone time; to think, to relax and to do something I enjoy. I’m lucky enough to have been able to do this.

15. Fun

What is life without fun? I’m truly thankful for the people in my life who make life enjoyable and light without even trying.

16. Chances

I make a lot of mistakes, but I’m learning. Being allowed to make mistakes and take chances has helped me so much.

17. Faith

No matter what happens, faith is always there. Even if you drift away, you can come right back and try again. 2017 has shown me that more than ever.

2017 has been a challenging year, but with that comes strength, growth and thankfulness. I could go on with so many more things to be grateful for, but I’ll leave it here for now, or else we could be here for a long time.

What do you feel grateful for as you look back on 2017?


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