Girl styled in casual wear

After a weekend of relaxation, friends, Netflix and pretty cafes, I’m ready to get back into a new week. Though I’m sure it’s safe to say that we all love a good weekend. The hustle and bustle of the week gets too much and come Friday, you’re ready to sit back (possibly with a glass of wine) and unwind. I love the always-welcoming Saturday and Sunday mainly because they don’t seem to judge anyone who stays in pajamas until 12:30! But when I do eventually decide to get dressed, I normally opt for something casual during the daytime. To be honest, I would love to get dressed up everyday, but when you’re not doing anything fancy majority of the time, jeans will have to do! If this sounds like you then keep on reading – here is my go-to casual weekend attire…

Girl styled in casual wear
Girl styled in casual wear


A must-have in every wardrobe, and in every casual outfit option. Jeans are my go-to. No matter what the occasion, the temperature or the setting, I know that I am always safe when my legs are hugged in comfy jeans! I say they’re safe for any occasion, but I would steer clear of wearing jeans to a wedding…or other similar occasions. That would just be weird. Other than that I think you’re good! They look great with any style tops, colours, and any shoes. When I’m looking at clothes, I always find myself automatically drawn to the jeans section. It doesn’t matter how many pairs I own, I just gravitate towards them! But as I’ve always believed, they are an investment – I have jeans that I’ve worn since I was 15 and I still love them (and they still look good!) – this is my justification for any jean purchase. So if you see me in the jeans department, kindly let me be, and go ahead in making your own investment. 😉


Oh sweet, sweet neck warmer. This polo neck is nothing out of the ordinary, but oh my it’s a gem in winter! When it’s cold, if my neck is bare I feel icy throughout my body, even if I’ve got layers on. Cue the beloved polo neck: sorted! It’s strange then that this is the only one I own, but I suppose our very mild winters in Joburg make it acceptable…


I even have a whole post dedicated to my favourite pairs of ankle boots! So I’m not going to ramble on too much about them. All I’ll say is that they’re also a good investment, they look stylish but guarantee comfortability (mostly), and come in SO MANY beautiful styles! Definitely a top choice in winter casual wear!

Girl styled in casual wear
Girl styles sunglasses


The inspiration behind this outfit, my gorgeous white jacket. I’ve never had a white jacket like this and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s got a leathery texture, tightened sleeves just at the wrists, and it’s so light but still feels warm. It gives the appearance of a tracksuit top and that’s what gives it such a casual feel. Though the white definitely dresses it up a bit. White is so huge this season – the white block heeled ankle boots, white cat eye sunglasses – it’s so very retro and I’m loving it! If I had white cat eye sunglasses I would’ve completely gone to town with them in this look, but sadly I can never find sunglasses that fit me (small head problems, WHOLE other issue! 😉 )

Girl styled in casual wear
Girl styled in casual wear
Girl styles handbag


The best thing about accessories is that they take an outfit from zero to 100 so quickly! When styling any outfit, your earrings, bag, necklaces, glasses, etc, can change the whole look and feel. With this outfit, my handbag and earrings add a touch of elegance and sophistication. My sunglasses create a more relaxed feel and complement both the sophisticated and casual elements. Playing with different accessories is a fun way to incorporate mixed styles into an outfit, and you can get so creative! The perfect cherry on top everyday.

Girl styled in casual wear

Do you have any go-to casual pieces for your weekend attire?


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