Girl standing by tree in May

It may already be the 6th of May (crazy), but I still have some goals I want to share before the month runs away! April was extremely busy and basically a whirlwind that came and went in the blink of an eye. I had started an internship at a digital marketing agency – it was absolutely incredible, but stressful – and I had make-up jobs, as well as studying for varsity AND trying to keep up with my blog! As you can see, it was nonstop. So as a new month has rolled in, I still have a lot to do and I’m still interning – but part-time at least – I thought I would share the goals I have set myself for the month, and just how I’m going to get through all the stress in general, again! Let’s go…

Girl standing by tree in May
Girl in May garden

Make lists to reduce my panic

Any excuse for a list, right?! But on a serious note, when I see things written down in front of me, it sets the day out so clearly and it’s really the best way to limit the overwhelm that comes with all responsibilities. I have been setting a to-do list every night for the next day, and its helped me in sticking to a schedule, and completing everything I wanted to that day. To-do lists have long been a part of my daily life, but sometimes I get lazy and stop creating them all together. When this happens, so much goes on in my head that I have trouble focusing! It just goes to show that writing things down is more than the opportunity for pretty notebooks, but also a huge factor in getting my sh*t together! And also, the satisfaction that comes with ticking things off is amazing!

Master the art of balance

Maybe that’s reaching a little too far, especially only in one month. Working on the art of balance may be more accurate. By balance I mean varsity, work, blog, make-up jobs, and personal life. Last month I kept thinking that there’s no way someone can possibly do it all. Throw gym and healthy eating into the equation and you understand what I mean! But it’s all about timing and balance. Breaking tasks up into levels of importance and making the time to look after yourself and the things you love is vital! This is a huge lesson I learnt in April. You really just have to put your foot down sometimes, stop what you’re doing and move on to another task – whether that’s another work thing, or half an hour to read a good book – your brain needs to focus on different things throughout the day.

Look after my body

I have had so much inspiration in the last couple of weeks to get more into healthy eating and exercise. This was pretty much impossible last month, but in May I have decided to better plan my meals, choose healthier snacks during the day and drink more water. This inspiration is partly due to a friend of mine posting the most stunning food photos on Instagram (funny how everything goes back to social media), but I suppose whatever works for you, right? This definitely doesn’t mean dessert gets tossed out the window – please, that would never happen! Life is about balance anyway (as I have mentioned) and dessert makes up a very big portion of said balance.

Girl sitting in garden in May
Girl holding bag in May garden

Enjoy more of life’s simple gifts

Lately, when I have been at home studying, I have gone outside quite a bit during my breaks to play with my puppy, and its honestly been one of the best things for my mind. The combination of fresh air, beautiful nature and my cute animals, really makes for the perfect way to de-stress and gather your thoughts. I want to do more of this – even though the day’s are getting colder, that crisp air is so refreshing. And with all this free beauty, who wouldn’t want to soak it up every chance they get?


Embrace whatever comes my way

I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year already, and part of that has been that even when I think I’m going to crumble from overwhelm, I’ve made it to the other side. Although I still have to remind myself of this every now and then, I want to make the most of every situation I find myself in, and simply embrace it for all that it is.

At the beginning of this year I set myself goals that I shared on my blog as well – you can read it here. It’s always interesting to see what has happened since you wrote down what you wanted to achieve, and how far you’ve come. I wanted to blog a lot more than last year, but as life happens, I became so busy. This obviously made me sad, but I was granted an amazing opportunity to learn first-hand from people in the digital space. In turn, this will only help me in the long run with my favourite thing: my blog. It’s made me realise that life is unpredictable, but things happen in the right way. Setting goals is an amazing way to focus on where you want to go, but it’s also exciting to think of all the possibilities that may come your way, altering the path you thought you’d take to your destination. That’s how┬áI’m feeling anyway!

Girl in garden in May
Girl standing by tree in May
Girl in garden in May

So, here’s to an incredible, productive May! What are your goals for the month, or just in general?


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