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Hand cream and perfume
Hand cream and perfume
Make-up and perfume

If there’s anything I love more than date night, it’s getting ready for date night! Doing my make-up, choosing an outfit, deciding on the right shoes and accessories, and lastly, picking up my favourite perfume and spritzing it all over me before I head out the door. A good fragrance is one of the most important parts of an outfit. I don’t really think you are 100% ready without one! I’ve never actually tried to describe a scent, I can’t imagine I’d be very good at it… But for the sake of this post I will try my best! The one thing I can describe though is the feeling that comes with wearing something beautiful. And this fragrance is definitely vital in making me feel beautiful and confident!

I am very blessed to have an amazing boyfriend (Pedro), with whom I get to go on many date nights with. He understands my love for all things beauty related and accepts the fact that I need a good two hours to get ready! (I take a very long time with my make-up and if I want to have an actual hairstyle instead of frizz, I’ll need the extra time sadly.) But in spite of my extended getting ready time, he loves me and that’s all that matters!

The reason I’m giving you the boyfriend breakdown is all because this beautiful fragrance, Lady Million, was a gift from him. I opened the gift wrapping and pulled out this gorgeous, gold tin box, that homed the special perfume, plus a handbag size hand cream! It is the most dreamy and perfect combination. I’ve long been a hand cream hoarder, so adding this one to my collection was an exciting moment for me. (Yes, hand cream gets me that excited!)

Perfume bottle
Girl spraying perfume

The perfume itself is bottled in such a gorgeous shape, draped in a beautiful gold and makes every other perfume bottle I own appear boring in comparison! The area you press down to actually spray the scent takes up the whole top part of the bottle. I love this element – don’t ask me why, but it just feels so satisfying to press!

Apart from the eye-pleasing packaging, the liquid inside is what really counts. Though I don’t think you can actually separate the one from the other; the physical perfume is the main act, but the appearance of the bottle plays a big supporting role! The name Lady Million says it all. It easily makes you feel like one in a million. The scent itself is elegant and graceful, but when paired with the skin of confident woman, it becomes powerful and significant. I know, I know – how on earth can perfume do all of this to one lady? The answer lies in the same realm of make-up and fashion: when you wear a piece of clothing that you absolutely adore, or a shade of lipstick that makes you happy, you automatically feel more empowered and self-assured. Not that anybody needs make-up or fashion to feels such things, but if you’re a lover of them as much as I am, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Girl rubbing in perfume
Back of girl holding perfume

I ended up searching for the proper description of smells and notes that it consists of, as picking them out is something I’m not good at. I can automatically tell if I appreciate a scent and if it’s elegant or slightly stronger, but actually describing what’s inside is lost on me. What I found though was that it contains hints of honey, Arabian jasmine absolute, patchouli, neroli, orange flower absolute, raspberry and bitter orange. Being very uneducated in the art of perfume notes, don’t even ask me how all together these make for such a captivating smell! But I’m beyond grateful that they do!

I’ve never experienced a perfume to last on me for hours, let alone throughout the whole day! But this one exceeds all my hopes and expectations! I’ve come home after a date night with Pedro or a day out and I have been able to still smell the scent on me. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you’ve smelt that good all day. 😉 What’s also lovely is that the hand cream obviously has similar notes, so if you enjoy the perfume then you will undoubtedly love the cream as well.

I can certainly vouch for Lady Million over and over again. I keep using it sparingly because I really don’t want it to finish too quickly! So basically its only come out on date nights or special occasions. And I’m completely fine with that. It’s such a special scent that really lifts my mood and is the ultimate finishing touch for every outfit. And being from the man I love it instantly became my favourite. All I can say is: Pedro did GOOD. 😉

Girl putting on lipstick
Dressing table accessories
Hand cream and perfume combination

Do you have a certain perfume that is extremely special to you? I would love to know which ones are your favourite! Let me know in the comments below.



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