for the not so ‘kitchen savvy’ girl…


When I say “not so ‘kitchen savvy'” all I mean is that this person may love to bake or cook, but is not necessarily the most experienced… No, I’m just talking nonsense. I just personally am not the greatest in the kitchen! All those who know me well are aware of this. And that’s okay, people have different skills and interests – this is what I tell myself. However, I really do enjoy baking! Whether it’s making a malva pudding from scratch (I used to bake this a LOT when I was in grade 5 for some reason!) or using a box mix to whip up a lovely cake, either way I love the process – and more importantly, the end result 😉

So for the purpose of this “not so ‘kitchen savvy'” post, my friend Nabila and I opted for the box mix to bake a latte flavoured cake. And it still came out amazingly! Obviously there were very few steps involved – so if you’re a pro baker, please don’t laugh! My baking skills definitely peaked in primary school and a bit of high school, with brownies in the oven nearly every week, but have slowed down a little since then. 😉  Judge as you may though, there’s nothing wrong with this method. At least we’re trying 😛


Now, when I explain to you the very, VERY simple process that it took to bake this cake, you will understand why this will mainly be filled with pictures and little words…

We used this mix from Golden Cloud, which also included the mix for the icing sugar. We poured the cake mix into the bowl, added 2 eggs and the specified amount of water. And there you have it! Cake mixture DONE. I feel silly even typing this! But I really liked the pictures and the finished cake. So please bear with me..

Actually though, it’s a really good idea for quickly whipping up during this festive season, when things are busy and rushed – and just pretend you had slaved all day in front of the stove! No one has to know.


The icing sugar was not rocket science either (surprise). All that was needed was the icing mix, butter and some milk. Then once the cake came out of the oven – looking super soft and golden and perfect – we just spread the icing all over our creation.


The chocolate, popping candy sprinkles was Nabila’s little added extra. She, unlike me, is a literal pro in the kitchen! It was just the perfect touch to finish off this cake. We of course enjoyed our slices with some tea – because why would we do it any differently!? Although the cake turned out quite rich, because of the sweet icing, it was absolutely yum still!


So if you’re interested in baking but don’t necessarily want to go through a lengthy, possibly complicated process, then a box mix is a really great alternative!

I hope you enjoyed this post – regardless of your level of skill! Let me know where you stand on this whole ‘kitchen savvy’ scale!


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