Winter. Those dry months. The tight skin. The painful thought of it all… Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Well if you don’t you are damn lucky! I have been struggling with dry, dehydrated skin for a while, to the point where it causes my make-up to look flakey. I haaaate that! So, while I have been on the search for a skincare routine that would relieve me of my skin stresses, I was also looking for one that is cruelty-free. And that is where Dermalogica comes in…


If you read my latest post ‘My Quick Holiday Glowy Make-up!’ you would have seen I mentioned a new make-up journey that I am on. This journey is simply me trying my best to use cruelty-free products as much as possible. Obviously I am not going to throw away all my make-up and skincare that I have already that is not cruelty-free, but going forward I am seriously going to try my best to make purchases that are least harmful to animals and the environment.

This is something I have been thinking about for quite a while now. I’ve sat researching as much as one possibly can! Thankfully for websites such as Cruelty Free Kitty and VeganSA Directory my research was cut down by a lot, as they list cruelty-free brands of all sorts and keep it updated constantly.

That is the new make-up journey I am on in a nutshell! Basically I have been thinking about my bunnies and doggies and horses and all the animals that live in my crazy house! It is something that is close to my heart and I am hoping to be able to spark some inspiration for any of you, by showing you as many cruelty-free brands as I can find. It is definitely not going to be easy, and I can’t guarantee that I will always be completely 100% cruelty-free, but I am going to try as much as I can! Cue my new Dermalogica skincare routine…


The first step in this hydrating regime is the Essential Cleansing Solution. This product is so creamy that it really doesn’t feel like you’re cleansing. It just feels as though you are slathering on some amazing, creamy, rich goodness to your face! As with most cleansers, you apply about a coin size to wet skin. I was also told that you can leave it on for a little bit while you’re in the bath, before rinsing it off. I like that it can kind of mimic a face mask!



This toner is very cool. I mean very, very cool. I think so at least! The Multi Active Toner comes in the form of a spray bottle, and it doesn’t only have to be used in your morning/evening cleansing routines. You can pop it in your handbag and apply it at any point in the day, if you feel like your skin is a bit tight or feeling dry! And when you spray this onto your face, it is such a refreshing feeling, I can’t even explain. It’s crazy, but it’s almost as though you can feel the hydration coming back into your skin. I told you it was cool.



This little guy is also kind of a magical product. The Intensive Moisture Balance is also very creamy and rich. The cleanser that I mentioned first feels very similar to this moisturiser – I wasn’t lying when I said it feels like slathering that cream on! Back to this moisturiser though, it is so smooth and its been leaving my skin feeling extremely silky. This is a sensation that I haven’t had for a while during the winter, so you can imagine I am revelling in it!



This isn’t the next step in my routine, but I just wanted to add this in. This Gentle Cream Exfoliant is not like normal exfoliators that have the small granules in them. This one is smooth and, again, creamy (surprise). Applying this while you are in the shower is best apparently, as the steam from the heat is good for the product. I think I really like this product because it doesn’t have the granules, as those can be harsh on sensitive skin. The softness of it feels so nourishing and hydrating, and that’s what I love!


eye cream

If you have read my blog for a while, you may be aware of my love for eye cream. I get dark circles under my eyes all the time and I suppose it’s my way of justifying my vast experimenting with eye creams! This Intensive Eye Repair feels really light on the delicate skin around the eyes. I don’t like feeling as though there’s stuff sitting right beneath my eyes (to be honest I’m sure no one enjoys that) but you can get some really strange feeling creams. This eye cream is not one of those however! I must say though, that this eye cream has been helping with my make-up not flaking under my eyes too. Maybe it is just the overall rehydration of my skin, but I have definitely noticed that my concealer underneath my eyes has been remaining in place more so than ever!



The lovely lady at Dermalogica gave me a few testers too. The one that has really stood out for me is the Phyto Replenish Oil. This is applied after toner and before moisturiser. It just adds some extra hydration and locks in the moisture within the skin. I am definitely going to be buying the full product soon! It has made a big difference in the appearance of my skin and it also just feels amazing to massage into my skin.

Before I went ahead and bought all of these products in their full sizes, I managed to find a set that included all of these mini’s inside. This is a really great idea if you want to test something out before paying all the money for something that may not work – or you might not even like! What I did initially though, was a skin analysis or a speed mapping on the Dermalogica website. It takes about two minutes (literally) and it gives you a personalised product list for what your skin needs, according to how your answered the questions. And basically this is how I came across these amazing products! I certainly recommend giving the online skin analysis a try if you are struggling, or even just curious. Of course going into a Dermalogica shop will help too 😉 The lady I spoke to was incredibly helpful and was so ready to inform me. It made my whole experience really amazing!


Thank you for having a read guys! If you want to ask me anything else about these products, please comment below! Or find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Also, I apologise for being so quiet these past few weeks. It’s just been one thing after another, so bear with me. I’m still here!

Let me know what your skincare routine is and how you feel about cruelty-free cosmetics!?



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