Home decor was never really something I was particularly interested in until I came across the wonderful world of Pinterest. I think that was the case for us all! But seeing as I don’t have my own home to spend hours and hours thinking about what luscious piece of furniture will go where, I have taken my newly found interest to my own little space upstairs: my bedroom.


I have a specific vision of how I would love my room to look, but obviously things are expensive and so I have to do things in steps.

I must say though, I’ve come a long way from my hot pink walls and luminous green, hanging net storage! Oh those twelve year old days…

But for now, I’m using a white duvet set (I’m not sure where it’s from though) that I really do love. I have yet to get involved in the throw pillow action – believe me, they’re on my list! All that fluffy pink goodness. Need I say more? And although I still have a lot that I would like to do, I’m using what I’ve got already and just trying to style it differently.


I received a few candles for my birthday that I always light when I’m in my room, because they just make me happy! And then the things that I keep on my bedside table to give it that ‘aesthetically pleasing’ look are things I’ve found around the house or been gifted. My lovely little, wooden treasure chest was a gift from one of my best friends, the sweet, miniature potted plant I sneakily took from my mom and then I’ve also placed one of my favourite perfumes on my table. It’s a Lacoste one and it’s a good, small size, so it looks really nice next to all the other miniature goodies!


One of my absolutely favourite parts about my room though is definitely my fairylights on my headboard! I can’t tell you how happy these little shapes of goodness make me. There’s definitely something so serene about having only them turned on in the evening – it makes the room feel so cozy and warm!

I think a bedroom is a space that should definitely spill your personality, or at least make you feel 100% comfortable and at peace. If you’re anything like me, it’s your favourite place to spend time in! A couple of weeks ago my bedroom walls were this green colour. It was just completely not me and I wasn’t a fan of it at all. So you can imagine how grateful I am to have had the walls painted white! I am really excited to keep on decorating my little space, and sharing the updates with you as we go along.

Oh and also, I may be 21 years old, but I will never (ever) be too old to have my three, favourite stuffed animals on my bed… They’re like little friends who are just always there!


Is decorating your room something you are interested in? I would love to have some more ideas! (Especially if they involve taking what’s already here and doing a kind of DIY – I’m always for that.)


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