One of my worst feelings in the world is lacking inspiration and just feeling ‘bleh’ about almost everything! When this happens to me, I stress even more because I hate not having new posts up on my blog, but also because it’s one of my favourite things to do. And if I’m lost on what to blog, I feel a little bit lost with life in general (slightly dramatic, but it feels like it at the time!)

This has basically been me the whole week. And as life doesn’t stop for anyone’s lack of motivation, we have to carry on with everyday things and keep pushing forward, hoping that inspiration will leap out of somewhere, suddenly! And slowly, as we begin to lose hope, a magical thing happens: we find that inspiration in bizarre places and all is good in the world again!

So possibly there may be some exaggeration in my little explanation here.. But the main thing is that inspiration is not lost forever! And hence, another blog post is welcomed to Lauren Carmen!

After listening to some of my best podcasts (some of which you can learn a bit about here) I was reminded that I should write about the things that I love, without feeling the pressure to impress anyone. Honestly, what does it matter in the end?

So because I hadn’t done a make-up look in a while, I’m hitting you with some purple/pink Mac ‘Flat Out Fabulous’ lips just like that! I hope you enjoy it!


I started off with a face of Stila Aqua Glow foundation. I haven’t used this in a while, but I’ve loved it every time I do use it.

I applied some of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Cream Contour Kit in the shade ‘Fair’ to highlight and then ‘Havanna’ for contouring.

On my brows I used the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade, with a Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil too, to clean up and get properly between the hairs.

I applied the LA Girl concealer in ‘Natural’ under my eyes, in a triangular shape. And I blended this with my beauty blender – one of the best beauty tools ever, EVER invented. Seriously.


I used the Tarte ‘Pro To Go’ palette on my eyes. I have spoken about this little magic palette before, and how amazing and pigmented it is. When I really love a product I’ll just use it everyday no matter where I’m going! I think we should all use more of our “fancy” things, instead of always saving them for later. Life’s for living, is it not? That’s just my little bit of wisdom in the middle of my make-up post. ?

On my lashes, I used my L’OrĂ©al ‘False Lash Superstar X Fiber’ mascara. (I’m sure you’ve all heard about these products a million times on here already, but if it works, it works – you know? Whatcha gonna do!)

If you have yet to read my rambling on about my favourite products and things, you can do so over here!


For my blush I used a plum-like shade from this cheek palette I bought a while ago at Dischem. I really love this palette, simply because the blush shades are really nice and neutral. And I’ve never been one for a bold blush! My cheeks usually go red by themselves anyway. Even without me asking them to. Thanks cheeks.

And my holy grail of highlighter’s still – the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit ‘Gleam’.


And as usual, my lips come last. I did my four-step routine, which includes: my Lush lip scrub, some DCT to repair some of my dry lip reality, the Mac ‘Magenta’ lipliner and then lastly the ‘Flat Out Fabulous’ matte lipstick from Mac. This lipstick is incredible, I literally apply it in the morning, and that’s it for the rest of the day! It stays on through eating, talking, drinking, and the whole day-to-day shenanigans, and it never fails to amaze. The pigment remains perfect all day, and I just top it up with some of my DCT lip ice now and then to keep my lips from drying out completely!

I haven’t purchased any new make-up lately (I know, deep breaths). But if you don’t know, I’m going to New York on the 31st of May!! And I am beyond excited. So all my money has gone to the piggy bank, to save up for the essentials that New York offers, such as Sephora. ? And possibly some food during my trip… that’s maybe a good idea too.

What do you think of this look?

Also, if you have any New York recommendations, pleeeease let me know!


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